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Recent and Well-Presented Infographics

Infographics, or data visualisation, is a means of projecting a message through images and key points, rather than tens or even hundreds of pages of text. This method of imparting facts and figures makes it more likely that a greater percentage of the target audience will not only look at the information, but understand and digest it as well.

Here I have collected some recent and well-presented infographics on very differing subjects. The subject was not the main attraction for selecting this list, rather the presentation.

Recent and Well-Presented Infographics

20 Colourful and Fun Vector Art Wallpapers

Vector art is usually bright colours and clean lines.

Vector art wallpaper is a refreshing alternative to a complex photograph.

This showcase contains a selection of colourful and fun vector art wallpapers to brighten your day.

Colourful and Fun Vector Art Wallpapers

20 Awesome Fan Art Illustrations

Some digital artists simply love to portray their favourite characters from film, TV, console/PC games, cartoons, books, etc. Sometimes they reproduce them faithfully, straight from an original scene, and sometimes they put their own slant on them.

Here I am showcasing 20 awesome fan art illustrations created by very talented artists.

Awesome Fan Art Illustrations

20 Mind-Blowing Examples of Surreal Photography

Creating surreal art through traditional media, digital painting or photo manipulation is a skill and requires thinking outside the box, but creating a surreal photograph is a whole different matter.

To create a great surreal photograph, the photographer has to start off by being exceptionally creative. Then he/she has to maybe be in the right place at the right time to get an ‘other worldly’ shot, or has to get into strange and probably very uncomfortable positions to take the photograph from an angle not normally seen, or maybe get themselves and/or their model in unusual positions, or place items where they wouldn’t normally be.

Whichever method has been used in the following showcase, the photographers have achieved some outstandingly surreal results that us mere mortals can only wonder at!

Mind-Blowing Surreal Photography

20 Stunning Animal Illustrations

It could be considered that we are presently in the ‘Digital Art Movement’, but really we are at the start of it, and it is probably a trend that will continue for a very long time.

It is hard to believe that digital illustrations will improve upon what they are today, but with painting software moving forward in leaps and bounds, and artists now studying digital art as a stand-alone art form, we have to consider that in the future there will be amazing improvements.

This showcase features some outstandingly talented digital artists and their illustrations of animals. These images range from photo-realistic to cartoon-style and everything in between.

Stunning Animal Illustrations

20 Beautiful Examples of Sunrise Photography

Sunrise, also referred to as dawn or daybreak, are in fact different times of the day. According to Wikipedia sunrise is the instant at which the upper edge of the sun appears above the horizon in the east, and dawn is the time when the sky begins to lighten, but before the sun actually appears, and daybreak can apply to either sunrise or dawn.

Sunset colours are usually more brilliant than sunrise colours, however, this showcase features some very vivid sunrise colours, along with the paler colours usually associated with colder weather.

Beautiful Sunrise Photography

20 Out of This World Sci-Fi Wallpapers

Science Fiction is a very popular art and film genre, so I have collected 20 stunning free wallpapers based on sci-fi.

Out of This World Sci-Fi Wallpapers

20 Truly Interesting Photographs of Stairs

Stairs can, surprisingly, be the subject of some outstanding photography. Their lines and shapes, reflections and perspective can create truly interesting shots.

Here is a collection of 20 such photographs. Many are taken from an unusual angle, but some are the result of excellent lighting, the best time of day, or are just interesting staircases!

Truly Interesting Photographs of Stairs