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Free Christmas Patterns for Photoshop

Today we offer a set of free Christmas patterns for Photoshop, made in CS5.

Free Christmas Patterns for Photoshop

2 Christmas Designs Photoshop Tutorial

Christmas is once again fast approaching, so today we bring you a couple of tutorials to make these cute seasonal designs in Photoshop using free brushes and Photoshop’s built in tools. Both tutorials are similar and should give you a good basis to make your own unique images for cards or greetings on your site. If you like the images but don’t want to work through the tutorials, skip to the end of this article where you can download the jpgs.

2 Christmas Designs Photoshop Tutorial

Free Christmas Border PSD

There are only 39 days left before Christmas, so I thought I would offer this free Christmas border psd in time for the season. The full size is 3000px x 2000px and it is on a transparent background. You are free to use this border in any kind of project, I only ask that you don’t claim it as your own, and if you wish to offer it elsewhere, please link back to this article… thank you.

Free Christmas Border PSD

You can download the PSD file here

Bright Christmas Texture – Free Download

As the season is approaching very rapidly, I have created a bright, colourful texture for free download.

The size is 3000 x 2000px, 72ppi resolution.

This texture gives some wonderful results overlaid on snowy scene backgrounds with a layer blending mode applied. The image below shows the results of 4 such blends.

I hope you have a use for this texture…. Enjoy!

Click on the image to download the .zip file.

Bright Christmas Texture

Outstanding Christmas Photo Manipulations

Merry Christmas

The big day has arrived, and with it comes this round-up of the art form closest to my heart – photo manipulations. Of course we are staying with the Christmas theme. Here you will find a collection of outstanding, inspirational and motivational art by some extremely talented digital artists.

As it is Christmas I have even included one of my own manipulations – well two if you count the cover picture.

Christmas Photo Manipulations

Beautiful Christmas Typography

Today we bring you a round-up of amazing Christmas typography.

Christmas Typography

Inspiring Christmas Photography

Keeping with the seasonal theme, today we bring you a collection of outstanding, inspirational Christmas photography. I can’t guarantee that all of these images are un-Photoshopped, but they are all stunningly beautiful, and I hope you enjoy viewing them.

Christmas Photography

Christmas Illustrated – Outstanding Digital Art

Here is a collection of outstanding illustrations depicting Christmas scenes. All images are either completely digitally created, or hand-drawn and digitally coloured – but all are stunning pieces of art.

Christmas Illustrated - Digital Art