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Cat in the Hat: Photographs of Cats ‘In’ Things

Cats are known for being their own personalities – they don’t do things to please humans, they do things purely to satisfy themselves! Cats have a great ability to find places to curl up that suit their immediate needs – with no consideration given to whether the humans wish them to be in that place. The result is often a cute cat in ‘the wrong’ setting!

Here we have collected 20 cute images of cats ‘in’ things – some of which they shouldn’t be in at all!

Cat in the Hat: Photos of Cats 'in' Things

Wild Mothers and Babies: Beautiful Photography

We can, at times, be quite horrified by the way wild animals treat their young. If there is a disability or the offspring is weak in any way, it is usually either abandoned and left to die or actually killed by the mother. In the wild only the fittest survive.

However, for those that are born strong and healthy, we humans could learn a lot from mothers in the wild. They provide food and schooling, along with play and comfort. There is nothing like a mother’s love!

Here we bring you some beautiful images of wild mothers with their babies, along with a short synopsis of the life cycle of each species featured.

Wild Mothers and Babies

Of Mice and Elephants…

So, the theory goes that elephants are afraid of mice. I trawled the internet looking for the truth, and found it is an ongoing debate! Many think that elephants are not afraid of mice per se, but are wary of them. Others report that elephants simply look bored when shown a mouse.

However, this research threw a spanner into the works, as I stumbled upon articles stating that no, elephants are not afraid of mice, but are terrified of ants! There is some logic to this apparent fear… as elephants eat foliage and bark from trees, ants can invade their trunks – which must tickle like mad, but also, ants nip and that stings!

Whatever the truth is, I decided to bring you a showcase of photographs of elephants and mice – the big and the small.

Of Mice and Elephants...

20 Stunning Animal Illustrations

It could be considered that we are presently in the ‘Digital Art Movement’, but really we are at the start of it, and it is probably a trend that will continue for a very long time.

It is hard to believe that digital illustrations will improve upon what they are today, but with painting software moving forward in leaps and bounds, and artists now studying digital art as a stand-alone art form, we have to consider that in the future there will be amazing improvements.

This showcase features some outstandingly talented digital artists and their illustrations of animals. These images range from photo-realistic to cartoon-style and everything in between.

Stunning Animal Illustrations

20 Amazing Examples of Wild Cat Photography

Wild cats are one of nature’s little tricks…. they look so cute, but are so deadly. Therefore it is good for us that we have wonderful photographers capturing superb images for us to ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’ over.

Here is a lovely compilation of wild cat photography to charm everyone.

Wild Cat Photography