2 New Actions from PanosFX

PanosFX create wonderful actions, and they have just added two more to their collection.

The two new actions are Stickers and Discreteadditions to the classic Border and Bends Actions.

Here I will show you the results of using these actions in Photoshop.


Inspired by Design #1

Inspired by Design #1Every week I will be showcasing a selection of designs that I have come across that have inspired me. There are such talented artists and photo manipulators around the globe, and it is our good fortune that they are prepared to share their work with us.

If you have any work you would like displayed in this feature in the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to contact me at the link above.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the following examples of great art and design. Please remember to add a comment of acknowledgement on those sites that encourage it.

World Cup 2010 Wallpaper – Photoshop Tutorial

With Football Fever at a very high pitch at the moment (no pun intended – football, pitch???) I have designed this wallpaper for football fans everywhere. My design is themed on England, but the colours, badge and a picture for any country can be used.

Football Wallpaper Image

Welcome to Graphix1

Welcome MessageWelcome to Graphix1 – the new and exciting blog that will eventually replace Graphics Tutorials.

This has been thought about, talked about, started, shelved and started again for quite some time now, so it is exciting to finally have it up and running!

I will be bringing you unique tutorials, mainly at beginner level, and mainly using Adobe Photoshop.

There will also be a steady stream of free downloads, ie: gradient sets, textures, patterns, etc. designed to enhance your projects and elevate your knowledge of Photoshop.

I will be posting a weekly collection of inspiration gathered from around the internet, to show you what the professionals are doing, what is going on with the trends in the world of design and examples of art that is either downright clever or very eye-catching.

I hope you enjoy this new venture as much as I know I will. Please feel free to comment on anything.