A Collection of Stunning Handwriting Fonts

Design is incorporating handwriting fonts more and more these days, and there are many such fonts available. Here I have compiled a selection of some of the best handwriting fonts to be found for free download around the internet.

Handwriting Fonts

Inspired by Design #3

Another round up of great art and design from around the internet

Inspired by Design #3

40+ Gradient Sets: Downloadable and Free

Gradients are necessary in most designs in Photoshop, and it is time saving to have a good collection of ready-made gradients available for use.

Here I bring you a selection of various gradients, mainly from Deviant Art,  with some from the Adobe Exchange. You need to register at the Adobe Exchange  to be able to download the resources, but it is free registration and worth it – there are some gems to be found there for all Adobe products.

Gradients Image

Cut Out Embossed Text Photoshop Tutorial

Create this embossed text with a centre cutout using a free font, two free gradient sets and Photoshop’s blending options.

Cut Out Embossed Text

Inspired by Design #2

Another round-up of great, inspirational design from around the internet

Inspired by Design #2

Filmstrip Photos

This is a tutorial I wrote last year which appears on my previous blog, called ‘Filmstrip Photos’. This has proved to be a very popular tutorial. It touches on a couple of things that seem to be very sought after in a tutorial, they are: working with photos and learning the lesser-used tools in Photoshop – in this case the Warp function of the Transform tool.

This tutorial will walk you through using the Warp function step by step in picture format. So you will not only end up with a nice display for your photos, but will have mastered yet another Photoshop tool!

Film Strip Photos

Flowers in Barbed Wire Design

Create this stunning design using a free stock image, a free set of brushes and Photoshop’s filters and blending options. This technique can be applied to different brushes/images – let your imagination run wild!

Flowers in Barbed Wire

Bronze Text on Granite Plaque Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make nice bronze-effect lettering, and how to use Photoshop’s built-in tools and patterns to make a granite plaque. We will also be creating the screws for the plaque. There is a nice selection of techniques included in this tutorial which is for Photoshop beginners

Bronze Text on a Granite Plaque