30+ Minimalistic Logo Designs

Logos are probably the most important aspect of company branding, and really need to be considered very carefully when they are going to represent the company maybe worldwide.

Here is a collection of mainly single-colour, minimalistic logos that are eye-catching and very relevant to the company they represent.

Minimalistic Logos

Inspired by Design #18

Another collection of outstanding digital art and design gathered from around the internet. Don’t forget to check out the motivational quote after the showcase!

Inspired by Design #18

20 Examples of Stunning Underwater Photography

Good photography will usually be well appreciated, but good underwater photography should be more so – it is a demanding discipline, requiring a lot of patience, a certain amount of bravery, and some very expensive equipment – the photographer needs to have skills in both photography and diving.

Underwater Photography

In Focus #13 – Showcase of a Digital Artist

This week we are featuring the outstanding talent of BossLogic, aka Kode Abdo.

In Focus #13 - BossLogic

20 Eye-Catching New Promotional Flyers

Here for your inspiration is a collection of 20 outstanding and eye-catching recently created flyers. Perhaps they will give you some ideas for the next time you have to produce one!


Ground Textures – Free Download

Here is a set of 10 ground textures for download.  They are all 1280 x 960px, 72ppi resolution. I hope you find them useful – continue reading this article to preview all of them at 580px, click on any image to download the .zip file containing all 10 textures.

Ground Texture 1

Inspired by Design #17

Another round-up of outstanding digital art and design gathered from around the internet this week. Most of this collection is from deviantart.com and the majority are photo manipulations. I hope these examples give all Photoshop users some inspiration and ideas for their own work, but most of all, I hope you enjoy browsing these images and appreciate the outstanding artistic talent behind each one.

Inspired by Design #17

40+ Amazing Scenic Photography Wallpapers

Most people will spend a good deal of the time spent on their computer looking at their desktop, so it is logical that a beautiful, calming wallpaper can be conducive to productivity… whatever the activity may be.

It is also nice to have a good selection of wallpapers for those who like to change their desktop appearance often.

Here I have collected a selection of scenic photography wallpapers which have either not been Photoshopped, or have been very sympathetically enhanced.

Scenic Wallpapers