Prolific, Outstanding DeviantART Stock Image Providers

Stock providers on are very many and very varied. Many provide pre-made backgrounds, or costume-clad models set against a contrasting background to make the cutting out easier for photo manipulators, or get out there and photograph stunning landscapes, seascapes, stormy skies, natural textures, etc. for our benefit.

Whichever way they bring their stock to us, most of it is outstanding and highly useable.

Stock Image Providers

Inspired by Design #21

Here is another round up of great, inspirational digital art and design gathered from the internet this week.

Inspired by Design #21

In Focus #16 – Showcase of a Digital Artist

This week In Focus is showcasing the work of jocarra, aka Jen Philpot – this is the last of this weekly feature. I will, in the future, be producing In Focus from time to time – but this is a very worthy final showcase for the weekly series.

In Focus #16 - jocarra

Outstanding Halloween Photo Manipulations

As Halloween approaches, photo manipulators seem to be revelling in the theme of the season and there are many, many offerings of art related to Halloween.

Here we bring you just a few of the outstanding examples of this year’s Halloween related photo manipulations

Outstanding Halloween Photo Manipulations

Inspired by Design #20

Tuesdays seem to come around so quickly… but that’s good because I love publishing this feature each week. I am constantly in awe of all the outstanding artists who are willing to share their work for the inspiration of others.

So here, again, is a round-up of some of the awesome art that I have discovered around the internet this week. Most of the art is from – no matter where you find it around the net, it usually originates from that site.

Inspired by Design #20

Don’t forget to check out the inspirational/motivational quote after the showcase.

30+ Fonts – Great For Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us, and to get your creative juices for this season flowing I have compiled a list of free fonts suitable for Halloween.

Great Fonts for Halloween

The list includes horror fonts, novelty Halloween fonts and Halloween dingbat fonts – something for just about every seasonal project.

In Focus #15 – Showcase of a Digital Artist

This week In Focus is featuring the art of Patrick Monkel – a 30-year-old freelance graphic designer who owns The Monk Studio in The Netherlands. In Focus #15 - Patrick Monkel

20 Stunning Examples of Fractal Art

Fractal art is a relatively new art form, having only been around since the early 1990s.

The art is created mathematically, through algorithms calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images.

The availability of software to make the calculations has made fractal art more and more popular.

Fractal Art