20 Useful and Educational PSD Files

Psd files for Photoshop are a group of layers that produce an effect similar to an action. The difference is that you can see everything the creator has done at a glance, and you can also adjust any layer to set the effect to suit your image.

These files are a great way of learning how to achieve certain effects through adjustment layers, so can be worth a look even if you don’t have a use for them right now.

To use these files, simply copy or drag the group or adjustment layers into your project.

Useful and Educational PSD Files

20 Amazing Examples of Wild Cat Photography

Wild cats are one of nature’s little tricks…. they look so cute, but are so deadly. Therefore it is good for us that we have wonderful photographers capturing superb images for us to ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’ over.

Here is a lovely compilation of wild cat photography to charm everyone.

Wild Cat Photography

20 Stunning Celebrity Portraits

We all have our favourite celebrities, and some are more instantly recognisable than others.

I have chosen 7 celebrities to showcase some stunning digital portraits created by extremely talented artists.

Stunning Celebrity Portraits

20 Beautiful Dragon Illustrations

Whenever we think of fantasy, we thing of fairies at one end of the spectrum and dragons at the other. Since the dragon is a mythical creature, dragon illustrations are always conceptual, but normally completely recognisable as a dragon.

Here are 20 outstandingly beautiful digital dragon illustrations.

Beautiful Dragon Illustrations

Inspired by Design #42

Here is this week’s collection of outstanding digital art and design. Don’t forget to check out the inspirational/motivational quote after the showcase.

Inspired by Design #42

20 Glossy, Glittery & Glowing Text Effect Tutorials

These tutorials are all suitable for Photoshop beginners – and more experienced users may learn something from some of them also.

I have carried out each tutorial and the images are my results. They don’t all come out exactly as the author’s image – but often that is the nature of some of the Photoshop filters.

Where I have found the tutorials to be incorrect or incomplete, I have stated the changes. Writing tutorials is no small task, and sometimes things are overlooked or screenshots are not exactly correct – but usually you can figure out the changes to correct them yourself – or you can make alterations to the suggested layer styles or filter settings to suit your own requirements.

Most of all with any tutorial, you should have fun!

Glossy, Glittery & Glowing Text Effect Tutorials

20 Beautifully Romantic Sunset Photographs

A beautiful sunset is one of the most romantic settings known to man!

Here is a collection of 20 beautifully romantic sunset photographs.

Beautiful Romantic Sunset Photography

20 Beautiful Vintage Photo Manipulations

Achieving a vintage effect on photo manipulations is not easy. This is a collection of very well executed aged manipulations.

Beautiful Vintage Photo Manipulations