20 Truly Interesting Photographs of Stairs

Stairs can, surprisingly, be the subject of some outstanding photography. Their lines and shapes, reflections and perspective can create truly interesting shots.

Here is a collection of 20 such photographs. Many are taken from an unusual angle, but some are the result of excellent lighting, the best time of day, or are just interesting staircases!

Truly Interesting Photographs of Stairs

20 Outstanding Examples of Vector Art

Vector art is defined in a large part by the software the art was created with, for instance, Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Trying to find a clear definition of vector art, the best I came across was from wisegeek.com, and here is an extract from their definition:

“The images in vector art are basic and simplistic, consisting of lines, points, polygons, and curves. Vector art is akin to the type of imaging typically used to create cartoon images found in comic strips. In addition, vector art is typically used to create business logos and signs, making them easy for the brain to remember.”

Vector art, in recent years, has come along in leaps and bounds, as is proved by this collection of 20 examples created by extremely talented artists.

Outstanding Examples of Vector Art

20 Useful, High-Resolution Wood Textures

From a general design point of view, wood textures have always been popular, but recently the use of wood textures in web design has increased dramatically.

Here is a collection of 20 very useful, high-resolution, free wood textures.

Useful, High-Resolution Wood Textures

20 Beautiful Examples of Waterfall Photography

There are at least 12 different types of waterfall, including cascade, horsetail, punchbowl and frozen. Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls are both segmented block waterfalls, and Angel Falls is a cascade waterfall.

There are thousands of waterfalls around the world, and if you are standing beside them, each one is beautiful in its own right, and every waterfall, from the correct position, with the right weather circumstances and a camera in the right hands, can be the subject of a beautiful photograph.

Here are 20 beautiful photographs of waterfalls – Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls are both represented here, but the others, although lesser-known are just as photogenic.

Beautiful Examples of Waterfall Photography

Inspired by Design #45

Here is this week’s collection of outstanding digital art and design, and of course, an inspirational/motivational quote after the showcase!

Inspired by Design #45

20 Outstanding Examples of Reflection Photography

Reflections in photography can either create a stunning piece of artistic work, or completely ruin the image. Good reflection photography depends on many factors such as light source, what is being reflected and the reflective substrate – ie: mirror, water, glass, etc., and of course, the creativity of the photographer.

Here is a collection of 20 outstanding examples of creatively excellent reflections in photographs.

Outstanding Examples of Reflection Photography

20 Humourous Celebrity Caricatures

A caricature is a grossly exaggerate likeness of a person – achieved by emphasizing the larger facial features, ie nose, eyes, lips, chin, and minimizing the smaller features of a person’s face.

Caricatures can be either insulting or complimentary – although the artist’s intention is not always the way the subject receives the message!

With the technological advances in drawing software, and the influx of outstanding digital artists, you do not have to move away from your computer to view great caricature illustrations.

This feature brings you 20 outstanding, humourous caricature illustrations of celebrities.

Humourous Celebrity Caricatures

20 Stunning Fractal Art Wallpapers

Here is a stunning collection of fractal art wallpapers.
Stunning Fractal Art Wallpapers