20 Colourful and Fun Vector Art Wallpapers

Vector art is usually bright colours and clean lines.

Vector art wallpaper is a refreshing alternative to a complex photograph.

This showcase contains a selection of colourful and fun vector art wallpapers to brighten your day.

Colourful and Fun Vector Art Wallpapers

20 Adorable Photographs of Children

Children are always a good subject to photograph, and they are usually very photogenic.

When searching for photographs of children there are so many sad images – very heart-rending, but not what I wanted to showcase here.

I have specifically selected happy – or at least not sad – children for this feature to cheer you up and set you up for the weekend – this is a collection of adorable photographs of happy children – as they should be!

Adorable Photographs of Children

20 Examples of Truly Abstract Digital Abstract Art

The definition of abstract art, according to Wikipedia is:

“Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be only slight, or it can be partial, or it can be complete”

This showcase features mainly complete abstraction with a couple of images that may possibly slot into the partial abstraction category. All are digitally created by various techniques and digital painting software, and all are outstanding works of art.

Truly Abstract Digital Abstract Art

20 Highly Useful Free PS Texture Brushes Sets

By using brushes artists and designers can create their own backgrounds and textures, but some brushes are in high enough resolution to use them as the texture on their own – hence having the same effect as a .jpg texture, but making it easier to choose background and foreground colours for your project.

Here is a selection of free texture brushes for Photoshop. Most are high resolution, only needing one click to achieve a great texture, others require the use of a couple of the brushes to achieve a good effect.

Highly Useful PS Texture Brushes

Inspired by Design #48

Here is this week’s selection of outstanding digital art and design. Don’t forget to check out the inspirational/motivational quote after the showcase!

Inspired by Design #48

20 Breath-Taking Examples of Coral Photography

Corals are marine organisms that typically live in compact colonies of many identical individual “polyps.”

Breath-Taking Coral Photography

There are 3 types of corals:

  1. Perforate corals – corals can be perforate or imperforate. Perforate corals have porous skeletons which allow their polyps to connect with each other through the skeleton. Imperforate corals have hard solid skeletons. These types of coral are often found in coral reefs and shallow, tropic waters.
  2. Hermatypic corals – also known as stony corals which build reefs. They convert surplus food to calcium carbonate forming a hard skeleton.
  3. Ahermatypic corals – do not build reefs and are also known as soft corals. They are flexible and are often perforated, with a lacy appearance.

The types of coral explains why some look like rocks and some like flowers. There are many, many species of coral, some quite unspectacular, but many are breath-takingly eye-catching.

This showcase features 20 stunning examples of colourful coral photography, and some include a few coral residents.

Selective Colour in Photographs Tutorial

For some reason unknown to myself, I am fascinated by digital colouring. With such software as Photoshop and it’s layer modes, the job is made relatively simple if the original image works well with the techniques used.

In this short tutorial I will be showing you two very easy ways to create selective colour in a photograph. We will be looking at desaturating parts of a colour photo and colourising parts of a black and white photo. Each method works better with different subjects.

Selective Colour Tutorial

20 Awesome Fan Art Illustrations

Some digital artists simply love to portray their favourite characters from film, TV, console/PC games, cartoons, books, etc. Sometimes they reproduce them faithfully, straight from an original scene, and sometimes they put their own slant on them.

Here I am showcasing 20 awesome fan art illustrations created by very talented artists.

Awesome Fan Art Illustrations