Creatively Outstanding Shadow Photography

Shadows are all around us, no matter what time of day or season it is, you can always see a shadow if you look hard enough.

The thing is, in general we don’t actively look for shadows – there will be times when we notice a particularly nice, strange, well-defined, etc shadow, and also fun moments when we create shadows with our hands or bodies on a wall.

Photographers, on the other hand, are always looking out for such things as interesting, photogenic shadows in the hope of getting that great, split-second-timing opportunistic shot.

Creative photographers also set up shadow photography applying their lighting skills.

Here we feature nearly 30 outstanding photographs either with the shadow as the sole subject, or as a definitive part of the image.

Creatively Outstanding Shadow Photography

One-Pic-Post: Pandora

This outstanding photograph has not been subject to any digital manipulation. It is the work of Cyril Helnwein – an outstandingly creative and skilful photographer with very much his own style. He has galleries on his own site – Cyril Helnwein Photography, and on deviantART. Please stop by and take a look at more of his fantastic photography.


Rainbow Social Media Icons – Exclusive Download

Today I bring you an exclusive set of fun and colourful social media icons.

The set is supplied as a .psd file and all icons are 128px x 75px.

You may use them for whatever wish, wherever you wish and you may change them as you see fit – in other words, there is no license, they are completely free and unrestricted.

Click on the image to download the file – Enjoy!

Rainbow Icons

Photoshop Quick Tip: Clean Extraction

Extraction of objects or people in photo manipulation is an art-form on its own!

There are many tutorials available for different methods of extraction, but at the end of the day, most manipulators will not use just one method – certain objects require certain methods, whether that is due to their size, complexity or whatever.

I am not advocating any particular method of extraction in this tip, rather, I am sharing a quick way of cleaning up after extraction (with a mask and the Brush tool).

Photoshop Quick Tip: Clean Extraction

40+ Bokeh Resources for Designers and Digital Artists

By now we have all heard of and seen in many, many situations, the bokeh effect.

Are you still wondering how to produce it effectively? Well, wonder no more… here we bring you a collection of more than 40 resources to use and create bokeh backgrounds and effects.

Bokeh is probably one of the simplest effects to reproduce with Photoshop, and there are a number of ways to do so.

This article brings you bokeh textures, brushes and tutorials to help you become proficient at producing exactly the right effect for your projects.

Bokeh Resources for Designers and Digital Artists

One-Pic-Post: Trapeze Artist

Here is a wonderful opportunistic shot of a frog hanging from a flower petal – the lighting, timing, composition – absolutely everything is perfect.

The photographer is dralik on deviantART, real name Natalja – she is from Russia and is an outstanding nature photographer.

Trapeze Artist

Click on the image to visit the page of origin

Trapeze Artist Value Printing for Your Ministry is the website of a business dedicated to producing outstanding printed products and direct mail marketing for churches and ministries in the US.

Their mission is to provide effective marketing, innovative communication tools and print solutions to ministries for the sole purpose of reaching more people for Christ.

Their 500+ free design templates set you off on the road to being able to afford professional church printing at incredible prices. Value Printing for Your Ministry

Beautiful and Colourful Single Flower Photographs

Mother Nature provides us with a plethora of colours and textures that we pass by every day – whether it is a stroll in the park, walking to work, walking the dog or even just looking out of the window… there is colour and texture all around us.

Photographers who have great creativity and imagination can take advantage of all that is offered to us through the lens of their camera.

It’s true that one flower does not make a bouquet – and we can all see the beauty in a well-structured flower arrangement, but to get the full beauty from one single flower there has to be a lot of artistic flair applied.

In this showcase we are featuring stunning photographs of single flowers, shot by talented and creative photographers, using both macro and close-up photography techniques and lenses, the single flowers are either photographed from a different angle, or with natural added elements such as raindrops or insects, or with a colourful or highly contrasting backdrop to capture out attention – even what we would generally overlook as just pesky weeds can have the beauty brought out of them by a skilled photographer!

Beautiful and Colourful Single Flower Photographs