A Month of National Geographic’s Photo of the Day

National Geographic has always been renowned for its outstanding photography. Since the advent of the internet being available to the masses, the scope for National Geographic to gather more outstanding photography and bring it to their viewers and readershop has expanded greatly – they no longer rely solely on their own photographers’ images published in their monthly magazine.

For more than 10 years, the National Geographic website have been selecting a Photo of the Day, with a theme applied to each month.

For this round-up, I selected the Photo of the Day gallery from September 2010, the theme is Nature and Weather.

A Month of National Geographic's Photo of the Day

Some of these photos were shot by National Geographic’s photographers, and some are submissions from the Your Shot and My Shot galleries.

The photographer’s comments have been included for each photo.

Ornament Brushes for Photoshop: Free Download

Ornaments can be used for many, many projects in Photoshop, so today we bring you a set of 12 free brushes of swirly, calligraphic design to add a sophisticated touch to your projects.

Click on the image to download the .abr file.


Ornament Brushes

One-Pic-Post: Blackcurrant Path Fractal

Today’s one-pic-post is an outstanding fractal I came across. It seems somewhat Christmas themed, although it is called ‘Blackcurrant Path’.  It was created by Cosmic-Cuttlefish on dA, real name Chris from the UK.

Click on the image to visit the page of origin.

Blackcurrant Path

Stunning Examples of Fisheye Photography

Fisheye lenses were originally developed for use in meteorological study, to enable a larger part of cloud formations to be included in the image.

Fisheye lenses are wide-angle lenses that take broad, panoramic, hemispherical images.

Photographers, being such creative souls, soon began using fisheye lenses to create skillful images with very different perspectives – fisheye lenses achieve extremely wide angles of view which give images a convex appearance.

There are two main types of fisheye lenses. A circular fisheye creates a circle within the film frame, so the outermost parts of the image remain dark.
A full-frame fisheye enlarges that circle to cover the entire frame. The first full-frame fisheye lens was produced by Nikon in the early 1970s.

As always with photography, subject, lighting, angle and many other factors come into play to get the perfect shot with a fisheye lens.

Stunning Examples of Fisheye Photography

In this article we are featuring some stunning examples of photographs taken using a fisheye lens. Notice the subjects are often similar, as are the angles – there is quite a well-defined method of acheiving great images with fisheye lenses.

One-Pic-Post: Kiz Kulesi

This is an outstanding image of Kiz Kulesi (Maiden’s Tower) in Istanbul, Turkey. The photographer is Melih Polat, or mlhplt on deviantart.com, who is a mechanical engineer by trade and a photography hobbyist.

You can check out his dA gallery which includes some beautiful photography, and clicking on the image below will take you to the page of origin.

Kiz Kulesi

Creatively Outstanding Shadow Photography

Shadows are all around us, no matter what time of day or season it is, you can always see a shadow if you look hard enough.

The thing is, in general we don’t actively look for shadows – there will be times when we notice a particularly nice, strange, well-defined, etc shadow, and also fun moments when we create shadows with our hands or bodies on a wall.

Photographers, on the other hand, are always looking out for such things as interesting, photogenic shadows in the hope of getting that great, split-second-timing opportunistic shot.

Creative photographers also set up shadow photography applying their lighting skills.

Here we feature nearly 30 outstanding photographs either with the shadow as the sole subject, or as a definitive part of the image.

Creatively Outstanding Shadow Photography

One-Pic-Post: Pandora

This outstanding photograph has not been subject to any digital manipulation. It is the work of Cyril Helnwein – an outstandingly creative and skilful photographer with very much his own style. He has galleries on his own site – Cyril Helnwein Photography, and on deviantART. Please stop by and take a look at more of his fantastic photography.


Rainbow Social Media Icons – Exclusive Download

Today I bring you an exclusive set of fun and colourful social media icons.

The set is supplied as a .psd file and all icons are 128px x 75px.

You may use them for whatever wish, wherever you wish and you may change them as you see fit – in other words, there is no license, they are completely free and unrestricted.

Click on the image to download the file – Enjoy!

Rainbow Icons