Wild Mothers and Babies: Beautiful Photography

We can, at times, be quite horrified by the way wild animals treat their young. If there is a disability or the offspring is weak in any way, it is usually either abandoned and left to die or actually killed by the mother. In the wild only the fittest survive.

However, for those that are born strong and healthy, we humans could learn a lot from mothers in the wild. They provide food and schooling, along with play and comfort. There is nothing like a mother’s love!

Here we bring you some beautiful images of wild mothers with their babies, along with a short synopsis of the life cycle of each species featured.

Wild Mothers and Babies

Halloween Digital Art

Halloween is celebrated in a lot of countries around the world, and has many traditions and folklore tales attached to it.

Witches, pumpkins, black cats, zombies, graveyards and things that go bump in the night are some of the images that immediately make us recognise an image as being Halloween-related.

Halloween is short for All Hallows Evening, and it was originally a pagan festival that heralded the end of summer, that originated in the United Kingdom – particularly Ireland and Scotland.

The children’s game of trick or treating also originated in Britain in medieval times, but it was originally called ‘guising’, where children would perform a trick (singing, reciting poetry, etc.) to earn their treat.

On this All Hallows Evening, I am bringing you a collection of outstanding digital art representing Halloween. Here you will find many different genres – photomanipulation, digital drawing, illustration, etc., and some varying styles, including cute, dark and sketchy. The one thing they all have in common is the skill of the artist.

Halloween Digital Art

Free Forest Gradients for Photoshop

Today I am offering this set of gradients using colours inspired by the forest. There are 15 gradients in this free set.

I hope you have a use for them and can enjoy them.

Click on the image to download the .grd file.

Forest Gradients

Vintage Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be using some adjustment layers in Photoshop to create a vintage effect on a modern photo.

After Step 4, if you don’t wish to continue or don’t have the time to, you can download the .psd file and apply it to your image. As the effects are presented in the individual adjustment layers, you can tweak them as necessary for the image you are working on.

Also, for the curves layer I have created a Curves preset which you can also download. The download link for the Curves preset is available in Step 8, and the .psd download link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Vintage Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Free Calligraphy Fonts

Here is a collection of fonts in the style of calligraphy. All fonts are free, but please check out the license before using for anything other than personal use.

Many years ago I learnt some calligraphy, and this collection reflects the styles of lettering that I was taught, and is presented in 3 sections: Script, Gothic and Celtic.

Calligraphy Fonts

Awe-Inspiring Black & White Photography

In past times, black and white photography was not a choice – it was all there was available, and photographers and artists hand-coloured their black and white prints, normally in pastel shades, giving people very rosy cheeks, cherry-red lips and pale blue eyes.

In this age of digital photography, the colour usually has to be removed to produce a black and white or monochromatic image. This is done with photo editing software, and the black and white tones are adjusted to suit the image. Therefore, we can see very light hued images, or very dark toned photos – depending on both the subject of the photograph and the photographer/artist working on the post-production.

Here is a selection of more than 30 awe-inspiring examples of black and white photography for your viewing pleasure.

Awe-Inspiring Black & White Photography

Light Effect Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop

Many people like to change their desktop wallpaper from time to time… sometimes very often. We are fortunate that there are artists creating and offering desktop wallpapers for free.

Today we bring you a beautiful collection of light-effect wallpapers – so if you feel your life needs brightening, why not add some glowing light to your desktop?

Light Effect Wallpapers to Brighten Your Desktop

Jigsaw Puzzle Pattern for Photoshop

I have created this free pattern for Photoshop that will apply a jigsaw puzzle effect over any image. It is easily re-sizeable.

To use the pattern:

  • Create a new layer and fill it with any colour – then reduce the fill to 0%.
  • In the blending options, select Pattern Fill and fill your image with this jigsaw pattern. Now you can adjust the size as required.
  • Reduce the layer opacity slightly (your own choice here), then create a new, empty layer and merge this and the pattern filled layer together.
  • Blending options again – Bevel – Emboss – set as required.
  • Create another new, empty layer and once again merge these 2 layers.
  • Set this layer to Overlay. You will probably need to duplicate this layer at least once to achieve your required result.


Click on the image to download the .pat file

Jigsaw Pattern