Beautiful and Colourful Single Flower Photographs

Mother Nature provides us with a plethora of colours and textures that we pass by every day – whether it is a stroll in the park, walking to work, walking the dog or even just looking out of the window… there is colour and texture all around us.

Photographers who have great creativity and imagination can take advantage of all that is offered to us through the lens of their camera.

It’s true that one flower does not make a bouquet – and we can all see the beauty in a well-structured flower arrangement, but to get the full beauty from one single flower there has to be a lot of artistic flair applied.

In this showcase we are featuring stunning photographs of single flowers, shot by talented and creative photographers, using both macro and close-up photography techniques and lenses, the single flowers are either photographed from a different angle, or with natural added elements such as raindrops or insects, or with a colourful or highly contrasting backdrop to capture out attention – even what we would generally overlook as just pesky weeds can have the beauty brought out of them by a skilled photographer!

Beautiful and Colourful Single Flower Photographs

Photoshop Quick Tutorial: How to Change Eye Color

This tutorial was created by Cornelie20 on deviantART and submitted for a contest held by the Graphix1 group on that site.

Kornelia is 20 years old and comes from Poland. Her deviantART gallery  is full of wonderful Photoshop resources, including tutorials, actions, brushes and more.

You can view her original tutorial on dA here

How to Change Eye Color

One-Pic-Post: Cats Night Out

This wonderful digital painting was created by yujikunschmidt on deviantART, an outstanding Brazilian artist. Check out his gallery.

Cats Night Out

Click on the image to visit the page of origin

Cats Night Out

Exclusive Textures: 5 Free Large, Random, Abstract Textures

Today I bring you an exclusive pack of random abstract textures.

They are all 3000 x 2000px, 72psi – and they are only available from this site… better still, they are totally free!

I hope you can find a use for them, and have fun with them!

5 Free Large, Random, Abstract Textures

Textured Text Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through creating a textured text using a free font, free texture and gradient set. Working through this tutorial should take less than an hour, but there are many places along the way that you can play with the settings, use different filters, layer styles or blending modes to experiment and learn how to work with text and textures.

The most important aspect of completing any tutorial for any software programme is…. have fun!

Textured Text

One-Pic-Post: Firework Waterfall

Today I bring you a truly beautiful photograph of fireworks. Here are the photographer’s comments:

Did I mention how much I love long exposure? Because I really love long exposure. Looks just like a waterfall with all the smoke from previous fireworks!

The timing had to be perfect for this shot – it is extremely well done!

Firework Waterfall

Outstanding Manipulation: Missing You

Here is another one-pic-post. This time a photo manipulation by the very talented Simon, aka anapt on deviantART – he has a gallery very well worth checking out.

Click on the image to visit the page of origin.

Missing You by anapt

Missing You

30 Magical Fantasy Wallpapers

Let yourself get lost in a magical, fantasy world with this collection of outstanding wallpapers.

Magical Fantasy Wallpapers