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Photoshop Tutorial: Chain Text Effect

This very easy tutorial will show you how to make a realistic chain text effect from scratch, using only Photoshop’s built-in tools. We will be creating a custom brush and using paths and layer styles – once you have mastered this technique, you can make any kind of chains and not necessarily stick to text effects.

Photoshop Tutorial: Chain Text Effect

Rusty Text Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

This is an easy tutorial using a free font, gradient set, brush set and Photoshop’s built-in tools to get a real-looking rusty text effect. There are quite a few steps to this tutorial, but I think the end result justifies the time needed to complete it.

Rusty Text Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial: Denim Patchwork Text Effect

This is an easy tutorial, you need no more knowledge than knowing your way around Photoshop to complete this text effect, and it uses a free font and a canvas texture. All other effects are generated by Photoshop’s built-in tools. However, be warned, it is quite time-consuming!

Denim Patchwork Text Effect

Textured Text Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through creating a textured text using a free font, free texture and gradient set. Working through this tutorial should take less than an hour, but there are many places along the way that you can play with the settings, use different filters, layer styles or blending modes to experiment and learn how to work with text and textures.

The most important aspect of completing any tutorial for any software programme is…. have fun!

Textured Text

Text Within Text Photoshop Tutorial

Follow this Photoshop tutorial to easily create a text-within-text effect.

This is a fairly easy tutorial, but my recommendation is that you very carefully follow each instruction as it gets a little confusing in places and one missed step will throw out the end result.

Text Within Text

20 Glossy, Glittery & Glowing Text Effect Tutorials

These tutorials are all suitable for Photoshop beginners – and more experienced users may learn something from some of them also.

I have carried out each tutorial and the images are my results. They don’t all come out exactly as the author’s image – but often that is the nature of some of the Photoshop filters.

Where I have found the tutorials to be incorrect or incomplete, I have stated the changes. Writing tutorials is no small task, and sometimes things are overlooked or screenshots are not exactly correct – but usually you can figure out the changes to correct them yourself – or you can make alterations to the suggested layer styles or filter settings to suit your own requirements.

Most of all with any tutorial, you should have fun!

Glossy, Glittery & Glowing Text Effect Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorial – Gory Text

Create this gory text effect in time for Halloween using a free font, gradient set and Photoshop’s built in tools.

Gory Text

Photoshop Tutorial – Decorated Text Effect

This stunning text effect is created using a free font, a free vector graphic and lots of Photoshop’s blending options. Very effective and very easy!

Decorated Text Effect