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Photoshop Quick Tutorials: Add Vintage Coloring and Reflections to Photos

For this couple of quick tutorials I am using two of the free actions available from the wonderfully talented Panos Efstathiadis at PanosFX. The first effect is an image shown slightly right-side-on, with reflection, and the second is an image divided into 3 (triptych) with reflection. You will see how you can make subtle changes to the actions to suit your own requirements.

Photoshop Quick Tutorials: Add Vintage Coloring and Reflections to Photos

Quick Tip: How to Use Transparent Halftone Patterns

Earlier this week I offered a set of Transparent Halftone Patterns, and today I am going to explain a couple of ways you can use them. They are simply an alternative to a solid black transparency, and add a little texture and interest while on the practical side, they enhance the visibility of text over an image.

Quick Tip: How to Use Transparent Halftone Patterns

Sharpening Images in Photoshop with the High Pass Filter

Although Photoshop does have a Sharpen filter, better results can be obtained using the High Pass filter, and you have the control over how much or how little you sharpen your image. In this quick tip I will show you how to sharpen all or some of your image.

Sharpening Images in Photoshop with the High Pass Filter

Vintage Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be using some adjustment layers in Photoshop to create a vintage effect on a modern photo.

After Step 4, if you don’t wish to continue or don’t have the time to, you can download the .psd file and apply it to your image. As the effects are presented in the individual adjustment layers, you can tweak them as necessary for the image you are working on.

Also, for the curves layer I have created a Curves preset which you can also download. The download link for the Curves preset is available in Step 8, and the .psd download link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Vintage Effect Photoshop Tutorial

40+ Bokeh Resources for Designers and Digital Artists

By now we have all heard of and seen in many, many situations, the bokeh effect.

Are you still wondering how to produce it effectively? Well, wonder no more… here we bring you a collection of more than 40 resources to use and create bokeh backgrounds and effects.

Bokeh is probably one of the simplest effects to reproduce with Photoshop, and there are a number of ways to do so.

This article brings you bokeh textures, brushes and tutorials to help you become proficient at producing exactly the right effect for your projects.

Bokeh Resources for Designers and Digital Artists

Photoshop Quick Tutorial: How to Change Eye Color

This tutorial was created by Cornelie20 on deviantART and submitted for a contest held by the Graphix1 group on that site.

Kornelia is 20 years old and comes from Poland. Her deviantART gallery  is full of wonderful Photoshop resources, including tutorials, actions, brushes and more.

You can view her original tutorial on dA here

How to Change Eye Color

Daytime to Dusk: Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop’s adjustment layers to turn a daytime photo into a dusk/night time image. This is purely a colouring effect.

Created on PS CS5, there should be no problems following this tutorial on all the CS editions, and even earlier versions of Photoshop.

Dusk Effect

Selective Colour in Photographs Tutorial

For some reason unknown to myself, I am fascinated by digital colouring. With such software as Photoshop and it’s layer modes, the job is made relatively simple if the original image works well with the techniques used.

In this short tutorial I will be showing you two very easy ways to create selective colour in a photograph. We will be looking at desaturating parts of a colour photo and colourising parts of a black and white photo. Each method works better with different subjects.

Selective Colour Tutorial