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The Very Best of National Geographic’s Photo of the Day August 2015

The Very Best of National Geographic's Photo of the Day August 2015

The National Geographic Society has been around for so long… they were publishing their well-known geographic magazine way before the days of the internet – since 1888 to be precise. You might think the popularity of the internet and all the photographic sites there are would put National Geographic into the shade – but no, they have simply harnessed the power of the internet to expand and improve their commitment to ‘inspire people to care about the planet’. They remain a nonprofit scientific and educational institution. Here are (in my opinion) the very best examples of their Photo of the Day during August 2015.

Learn from the Best Photographers in the World!

Today we are bringing you some awesome collectives from which you can learn techniques and advice from some of the most renowned photographers in the world.

Learn from the best Photographers in the world!

These collectives cover Portrait, Beauty, Landscape, Street and Los Angeles!

In these collectives we have handpicked 10 of each best photographer’s interviews with whom we think you will learn the most from. From their honesty, you’ll learn that even the most accomplished photographers, those who have worked with the biggest names, still have doubts about their work and still struggle to improve. In their answers, you’ll discover steps to improving your own photography.

10 Beautiful Photographs of African People

The dress and adornment customs in Africa are among the most colourful and intricate in the world, and Africans have eyes that talk to the camera, so today we are bringing you a collection of beautiful photographs of African people.
10 Beautiful Photographs of African People

A Welcome to 2013 with Stunning Morning Photography

Yesterday we saw 2012 out with some beautiful night photography, and today we welcome 2013 with stunning morning photography. Hopefully you will all have a wonderful New Year and it will continue to be perfect for you throughout the year.

A Welcome to 2013 with Stunning Morning Photography

A Farewell to 2012 through Beautiful Night Photography

On this New Year’s Eve, we are bringing you some beautiful night photography as 2012 bows out making way for 2013 and all of it’s promise. A year that saw many new trends in website design, along with some new standards in design that were initially seen as trends but have turned into much more – here I refer to the use of HTML5 and CSS3 and the development of responsive websites. I hope you all had a wonderful 2012 as we say a fond farewell to it.

A Farewell to 2012 through Beautiful Night Photography

Red, Red Wine: Beautiful Wine Related Photography

Imagine the scene: a beautiful sunny day, no pressing, urgent work or engagements, the rolling hills in perfect view just outside the door, a gentle breeze and a table and chairs waiting to be occupied. A bottle of wine on hand, along with a couple of glasses, and the person you most like to spend time with right there to share the wine with you… idealism to the max! Of course, that is not the situation most of us are in right now, so here is a selection of beautiful wine-related photographs to take you off to dreamland for a few minutes.

Red, Red Wine: Beautiful Wine Related Photography

Moonlight Sonata: Beautiful Moonlight Photography

Moonlight is considered to be a romantic time by many. Sunshine tends to throw yellow light on everything it touches, while moonlight often makes everything look blue. To achieve an excellent moonlit photograph long exposure times are required, water and moonlight together can create a fantasy-like scene, making water – the ocean, a river or even a pond, one of the best settings for moonlight photography.

Here we have selected some beautiful, romantic examples of moonlight photography for your viewing pleasure.

Beautiful Moonlight Photography

Cat in the Hat: Photographs of Cats ‘In’ Things

Cats are known for being their own personalities – they don’t do things to please humans, they do things purely to satisfy themselves! Cats have a great ability to find places to curl up that suit their immediate needs – with no consideration given to whether the humans wish them to be in that place. The result is often a cute cat in ‘the wrong’ setting!

Here we have collected 20 cute images of cats ‘in’ things – some of which they shouldn’t be in at all!

Cat in the Hat: Photos of Cats 'in' Things