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Jigsaw Puzzle Pattern for Photoshop

I have created this free pattern for Photoshop that will apply a jigsaw puzzle effect over any image. It is easily re-sizeable.

To use the pattern:

  • Create a new layer and fill it with any colour – then reduce the fill to 0%.
  • In the blending options, select Pattern Fill and fill your image with this jigsaw pattern. Now you can adjust the size as required.
  • Reduce the layer opacity slightly (your own choice here), then create a new, empty layer and merge this and the pattern filled layer together.
  • Blending options again – Bevel – Emboss – set as required.
  • Create another new, empty layer and once again merge these 2 layers.
  • Set this layer to Overlay. You will probably need to duplicate this layer at least once to achieve your required result.


Click on the image to download the .pat file

Jigsaw Pattern

18 Beautiful Floral Pattern Packs for Photoshop

Patterns are great for producing large background areas where perhaps a .jpg background or texture is not large enough.

Today I am showcasing a collection of beautiful floral patterns packs – which are, quite surprisingly, not in abundance in terms of availability – floral everything can usually be found in great numbers… but not pattern packs!

Beautiful Floral Patterns for Photoshop

Patterns: Blue Patterns for Photoshop

Here are 3 blue patterns in a Photoshop .pat file for free download.

There are no restrictions on their usage.

Click on the image for direct download – enjoy!

Blue Patterns

Photoshop Pattern: Tulip & Willow

This unfinished textile design created by William Morris in 1873 is still as inspirational today as when it was first drawn. I have spent many hours, much use of the Clone Stamp and copying and pasting to get this pattern to repeat seamlessly. The lines that are visible on it are on the original image and not due to my bad joining!

It is a fantastic design and I thought it deserved to be singled out to convert into a Photoshop pattern file. I hope you enjoy using it!

Tulip and Willow Pattern

NOTE: You may use this pattern however, wherever and whenever you wish, but if you display it on another site please link back to this site – thank you.

Free Hand-Drawn Vector Patterns for Photoshop

You can never have too many patterns in your personal library, and today I bring you a collection of bright, vibrant, colourful, fun hand-drawn vector patterns for Photoshop.

Free Vector Patterns