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10 Free Grunge Brush Sets for Photoshop

Grunge as a style is used in web design and digital art in equal measure, so whatever your next digital project is, you could benefit from having some grunge brushes in your library – so here are 10 free sets for download.

10 Free Grunge Brush Sets for Photoshop

Ornament Brushes for Photoshop: Free Download

Ornaments can be used for many, many projects in Photoshop, so today we bring you a set of 12 free brushes of swirly, calligraphic design to add a sophisticated touch to your projects.

Click on the image to download the .abr file.


Ornament Brushes

40+ Bokeh Resources for Designers and Digital Artists

By now we have all heard of and seen in many, many situations, the bokeh effect.

Are you still wondering how to produce it effectively? Well, wonder no more… here we bring you a collection of more than 40 resources to use and create bokeh backgrounds and effects.

Bokeh is probably one of the simplest effects to reproduce with Photoshop, and there are a number of ways to do so.

This article brings you bokeh textures, brushes and tutorials to help you become proficient at producing exactly the right effect for your projects.

Bokeh Resources for Designers and Digital Artists

Sparkle and Glitter Brushes for Photoshop

We have collected some very effective sparkle and glitter brush sets for Photoshop.

The images shown have used the brushes all in the same colour (yellow) and with no blur or blending modes applied – what you see is what you get!

Hopefully you will find some of these sets useful for your future designs.

Sparkle and Glitter Brushes

20 Highly Useful Free PS Texture Brushes Sets

By using brushes artists and designers can create their own backgrounds and textures, but some brushes are in high enough resolution to use them as the texture on their own – hence having the same effect as a .jpg texture, but making it easier to choose background and foreground colours for your project.

Here is a selection of free texture brushes for Photoshop. Most are high resolution, only needing one click to achieve a great texture, others require the use of a couple of the brushes to achieve a good effect.

Highly Useful PS Texture Brushes

Christmas Cheer PS Brushes – Free Download

Here is a set of Christmas-related brushes. They are all large size – ranging from 932px to 1722px.

The preview images have all been made using the brushes – they are my examples of colouring using layers styles such as Overlay, Soft Light and Color.

I hope you like them and enjoy using them!

Click on the image to download the brushes.

Christmas Cheer Brushes