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Photoshop Action: Colored Images

Here is a set of 3 Actions that will transform your images from full color to single color. The colors included are Red, Green and Blue. . This technique can also be used in tandem with the Transparency Halftone Patterns for Photoshop that I previously offered.

Photoshop Action: Colored Images

Blue with Halftone

You can download the .zip file here

Free Photoshop Action: Grainy Mono

Here is an action for Photoshop that can give some nice, spooky results – great for Halloween.

Grainy Mono Action

You can download the .zip file here
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10 Photo Effect Actions for Photoshop

Today’s round-up is a collection of 10 free photo effect actions for Photoshop. Actions can save you a lot of time and can also be very educational. If you look back through the history you will be able to get an idea of how the final result was achieved. Some of the actions leave the layers for you to adjust, which also gives you a good idea of how to get the required result.

10 Photo Effect Actions for Photoshop

Romance Action for Photoshop

Today I am bringing you a free Photoshop action.

This action will give your images a dreamy, romantic effect. All layers are left unmerged so they can be adapted for your image.


Click on the image to download the .atn file.

Romance Action

Photo to Watercolour Painting Action for Photoshop

Here is a Photoshop action that will give a photo a watercolour painting effect.

When using this action, if the effect is too much and is knocking out all the details, reduce the opacity of Layer 1 and/or Layer 1 copy 2

I hope you like this action, can use it and enjoy it!

Click on the image to download the .atn file

Photo to Watercolour Action

Dark, Grainy Portrait PSD – Free Download

Today I have created a psd colouring file that gives a dark, grainy effect for portrait photographs.

There is a texture included with this file. If the texture is too small for your image, simply use the Transform tool to resize it to cover the canvas.

I hope you have a use for this and enjoy it!

Click on the image to download the file.

Dark Grainy Portrait PSD

Autumn Actions and PSD Coloring Files for PS

Autumn – the season that brings us the richest of nature’s colors – is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere!

Whether you are photo manipulator, digital artist or a designer, there are times when the perfect image may not have been taken in the perfect season… that’s where a selection of free PS Actions and PSD coloring files can save you so much time as well as being a great learning curve towards your mastery of Photoshop.

Here we have collected a selection of autumn actions and .psd coloring files for Photoshop that will enhance your images to any shade of autumn colors you require.

Autumn Actions and PSD Coloring Files for PS

More PSD Colouring Files for Photoshop: Useful & Educational

PSD colouring files really have two clear uses – the first of which is time-saving. If you can achieve the required adjustments to your image just by inserting a pre-made group of adjustment layers, the time-saving factor can be enormous – especially if you are working with a lot of images requiring a similar effect.

The second use of PSD colouring files is to learn from them. Whatever your Photoshop skill level, there are always more tricks, tips and techniques to learn!  PSD files are a great way of learning how to achieve photo effects, and it is easier to see the process than with actions.

Whatever your reason for using PSD colouring files, it is useful to have some in your PS resources library.

For this showcase I have applied the files to different images – just to show they can work on other images as the photograph the author shows is usually the one the file was built around.

PSD Colouring Files: Useful & Educational

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