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Comparing Photography and Digital Art

It’s a strange idea, I know, to compare photographs with illustrations, but I had the idea and ran with it, and this article is the end result!

I have tried to find photographs and illustrations with similar or identical themes. Of course, the illustrator has a freer hand – anything they choose can be included in the illustration, whereas the photographer has to either set up the shot or take opportunistic shots which are not flexible in terms of content.

Here are 10 photographs with 10 corresponding illustrations – see what you think!

Comparing Photography and Digital Art

Comparing Victorian Art and Digital Art

The Victorians left their successors with much to think about, not least of which was the immense influence they had on art in general. In this era of digital art we can make direct comparisons back to the Victorian age and show how we are still influenced by that era today.

Comparing Victorian Art & Digital Art