Decorative Ribboned Text Effect PS Tutorial

Decorative Ribboned Text Effect PS Tutorial

This is a pretty easy but effective textured text with ribbon running through it effect. A free font and a free texture are the only resources required and the use of Photoshop’s built-in tools complete this effect.


Age Font from Fontfabric

Texture 42 from xnienke on DeviantArt

Step 1

Open a new file at whatever size you wish – for the purposes of this tutorial, I used size 650px x 400px.

You need to type each letter of your text on a new layer using Age font at size 150pt, foreground color Black.

Step 2

Arrange your letters so that they overlap each other and are not in a straight line – however best suits your project.

Arrange Letters

Step 3

Select all the text layers in the layers palette (click on the top letter layer, then hold the Shift key and click on the bottom letter to select them all).

Right click on any of the selected layers and click Rasterize Type

Step 4

Now comes the repetitive part of this tutorial.

Starting with the second letter (in my case the i of ‘ribboned’):

*Hold the Ctrl button and click on the thumbnail of this layer in the layers palette to select the pixels.

Select > Modify > Expand – set to 2px and click OK.

Now make the letter below the selected one active (the r of ‘ribboned’ in my case) and hit the delete button on your keyboard.

Repeat from * selecting the letter above the letter you delete until you have finished the top line.

Top Line Deleted

Step 5

You now have to do the same thing for any subsequent lines of text, but you also have to delete the parts from the row above that overlap, as shown below:

Other Lines of Text Deletion

Step 6

You now can’t change or move any of the letters without starting again, so you need to merge them – do this by selecting all the letter layers, right click on any selected layer and click Merge Layers.

Step 7

To make the ribbons, select the Brush Tool, set the hardness to 100 and the size to 16px.

Set the foreground color to pink #F5B3D2 (or your chosen colour).

Create a new layer.

Now select the Pen Tool and create a wavy line across your text. Use the gaps in the text to guide you. When you click the next point on your canvas, don’t release the mouse button until you have dragged the line into a curve.

Pen Line

Now right click on the line and click Stroke path – make sure Simulate pressure is unchecked.

Stroke Line

Right click on the path again and click on Delete Path.

Step 8

Add a layer mask to your ribbon layer and set black as the foreground color.

Mask out the parts of the ribbon that you want to appear to go under the text – you may need to zoom well in for this.

Delete Ribbon

Step 9

Create a new layer above the ribbon layer and name it shadow.

Hold the Ctrl button and click on the thumbnail of the ribbon layer to select the pixels.

On the shadow layer paint with a small, soft round brush around the letters.

Reduce the opacity of this layer to 10%.

Ribbon Shadow

Step 10

Create a new layer and name it highlights.

With the ribbon layer’s pixels still selected, draw some white lines on the ribbon as shown below:

Ribbon Highlights

With the ribbon still selected, add a Gaussian Blur to the highlights layer of 3.2px.

Step 11

Using the Pen Tool or the Magnetic Lasso Tool, create a selection at one end of the ribbon as shown below:

Ribbon End Selection

Make sure the layer mask on the ribbon layer is active and fill the selection with black to leave a ‘v’ shape at the end of the ribbon.

Repeat this step for the other end of the ribbon.

Step 12

Follow the instructions from Step 7 for all other ribbons.

Ribbons Completed

Step 13

Place the texture into your canvas above the text layer.

Temporarily set the blending mode to Screen – this shows the final text effect, but we will make it more permanent a little later.

Step 14

Make one of the ribbon layers active and apply the layer mask by right clicking on the mask in the layers palette and clicking Apply Layer Mask.

Hold down the Ctrl button and click on the thumbnail of the ribbon layer to select the pixels.

Create a new layer below the ribbon layer and fill the selection with black.

Move the black layer down 3 pixels using the arrow key on the keyboard.

Apply a Gaussian Blur of 2.0px.

Now go back to the original text layer and hold down the Ctrl button and click on the thumbnail in the layers palette to select the pixels.

Make the ribbon shadow layer active and hit the delete button on the keyboard.

Repeat this step for all ribbon layers – but… if you have a long piece of ribbon over a letter as I have on the x of ‘text’, after applying the Gaussian Blur, use the Magic Wand Tool and on the original text layer, select the first t of ‘text’, hold down the shift key, select the e and the last t – so you should have all of the word ‘text’ selected except the x – then on the shadow layer hit the delete button – this retains the shadow below the ribbon on the x.

Shadows under Ribbons

Step 15

Now that we no longer need the solid black text, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the thumbnail of the original text layer to select the pixels.

Select > Inverse

Make the texture layer active and hit the delete key on the keyboard.

Now return the layer mode of this layer to Normal.

Delete or hide the original text layer.

And you’re done – you can, of course, add any background texture, colour or pattern of your choice.

Decorative Ribboned Text Effect PS Tutorial

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