Polished Wood Text Effect

I came across this font and thought that it had great possibilities for a text effect. It reminds me very much of branches of a tree, so I worked on that thought, and this beautiful polished wood text effect was the end result.

Polished Wood Text Effect


Eazy 3 font from Dafont.com
Wood texture from sweetsoulsister on DeviantArt

Step 1

Open a new file using the following settings:

New File Settings

Step 2

Select the Type Tool, Eazy 3 font and use #612F1C for the foreground color. Set the font size at 300pt.

Type each letter of your text on separate layer.

Use a guide to align the text as required – I put the letters very close together.

Place Text

Step 3

Make one of the text layers active, and double click the layer in the layers palette to bring up the blending options.

Apply the following Bevel and Emboss and Stroke settings:

Bevel and Emboss Settings 1

Stroke Settings

Right click on the layer you have styled, and select Copy Layer Style.

Select the other text layers and right click on them and select Paste Layer Style.

Step 4

Open the texture image and resize it to 220px x 220px.

Drag the layer into your text file, then (if necessary) drag this layer below the text layers.

You now need to duplicate the layer so you have one texture layer for each letter of your text.

Step 5

We now have to move all the texture layers except one. Drag the copies up so you have a text layer/texture layer/text layer/texture layer, etc., as shown below.


Step 6

Working on the top texture layer, move it into place below the last letter of your text. You can place it so the grain of the wood looks the most effective for your requirements.

Make the text layer above it active, select the Magic Wand Tool and click anywhere on the canvas – but not inside the letter.

Select > Modify > Expand – set to 1px and click OK.

Now make the texture layer active again and hit the Delete key – this should leave you with the letter filled with texture – and please do make sure the texture layer is behind the text layer.

Now repeat this step for all letters of your text.

Note: With letters such as d, e, p and o that have enclosed areas that need to be cleared, hold down the Shift key and click in the enclosed area with the Magic Wand Tool to add to the selection.

Step 7

Double click on any of the texture layers to bring up the blending options and apply the following Bevel and Emboss and Satin settings.

Bevel and Emboss Settings 2

Satin Settings

To finish off I added a pastel linear gradient background.

The end result:

Polished Wood Text Effect

Hopefully you have enjoyed following along with this tutorial, and I hope you like the end result and can use this text effect in the future. If you have any problems with the tutorial, please contact me using the link at the top of the page and I will happily help if I can.


I love using and learning Photoshop, and I also enjoy creating resources to share with the world. I am at my happiest when I have free time to further explore all that Photoshop has to offer and learn more about its powerful built-in tools. I hope people enjoy either using or learning from my free resources, and welcome any hints and tips - and of course, if you would like to offer a free resource on this site, please don't hesitate to contact me (top right of the page).

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