Learn from the Best Photographers in the World!

Today we are bringing you some awesome collectives from which you can learn techniques and advice from some of the most renowned photographers in the world.

Learn from the best Photographers in the world!

These collectives cover Portrait, Beauty, Landscape, Street and Los Angeles!

In these collectives we have handpicked 10 of each best photographer’s interviews with whom we think you will learn the most from. From their honesty, you’ll learn that even the most accomplished photographers, those who have worked with the biggest names, still have doubts about their work and still struggle to improve. In their answers, you’ll discover steps to improving your own photography.

1. Portrait Collective

Portrait Collective

This is a collection of images and conversation engaged with the art of portraiture, featuring photographers willing to examine what’s unknowable. You’ll read how important art history is to one of the most respected fashion photographers in the world with Erik Madigan Heck, and learn how to shoot the best environmental portraits with critically adored Kristina Loggia. Get this eBook and get to know why!

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2. The Landscape Collective Vol. 1

The Landscape Collective Vol. 1

The amazing images from these landscape photographers will help to inspire you to take much better photos. Landscape photography is a challenge to face the world and capture it. It is how we share the beauty of our world. Expanse, color, shadow and light, calling us back to nature, telling us to illuminate what’s out there.
And these are photographers who’ve heard this call, understood its power. Now it is in your hands.

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3. The Street Collective Vol. 1

The Street Collective Vol. 1

This is energetic. Gritty. In your face and brutally honest. It is a genre of photography not for the faint of heart. Or the unsure. These are images that look for that decisive moment in the chaos. Learn the grittiness of street photography from the Masters!

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4. Beauty Collective Vol. 1

The Beauty Collective Vol. 1

If you want to photograph beautiful women, take this opportunity to learn from some of the best photographers in the field. Learn how to pose your models from legendary photographer Frank Doorhof, and much much more in this collective.

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5. The Los Angeles Collective Vol.1

The Los Angeles Collective Vol. 1

In here, you’ll find 10 adventurous and brilliant photographers talking about their work and how they get it done. You’ll learn how to combine landscape techniques with portraiture with Amanda Friedman. Learn how to always find the best natural light with Tom M Johnson. And learn to create the Hollywood-sized spectacle with Benjamin Von Wong. This is immensely valuable work.

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5 Collectives 50 interviews – This as all you need to learn about the do’s of photography in various areas!


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