A Month of National Geographic’s Photo of the Day

National Geographic has always been renowned for its outstanding photography. Since the advent of the internet being available to the masses, the scope for National Geographic to gather more outstanding photography and bring it to their viewers and readershop has expanded greatly – they no longer rely solely on their own photographers’ images published in their monthly magazine.

For more than 10 years, the National Geographic website have been selecting a Photo of the Day, with a theme applied to each month.

For this round-up, I selected the Photo of the Day gallery from September 2010, the theme is Nature and Weather.

A Month of National Geographic's Photo of the Day

Some of these photos were shot by National Geographic’s photographers, and some are submissions from the Your Shot and My Shot galleries.

The photographer’s comments have been included for each photo.

1st  September

Big Cypress Reservation, Florida

In the green firmament of a slough, galaxies of duckweed are stirred by slow moving waters. Florida’s Seminole call this section of swamp the Jurassic

Photography by Jack Dykinga, National Geographic

Big Cypress Reservation

2nd September

Tarpon and Siversides, Grand Cayman

The picture was taken at Eden Rock, Grand Cayman. For just a short time every year these silversides swarm caves and swim-throughs at Cayman’s dive sites. The picture was taken late afternoon just as the sun was going down. I was hiding behind the silversides, low in the rocks. As the tarpon swam through the silversides, they eventually saw me and turned away. Just like you see in the picture.

Photograph by Mike Sutton Brown, Your Shot

Tarpon and Silversides

 3rd September

Storm Clouds, Grand Canyon National Park

Storm clouds clear to reveal frosted cliffs near Point Hansbrough in Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park

Photograph by Michael Nichols, National Geographic


Storm Clouds

4th September

Painted Hills, Oregon Sunrise

Sunrise on the Painted Hills at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Painted Hills, Oregon. I had to travel three hours on very rural winding country roads in the dark, with steep drop-offs to get there for this opening shot of the day!

Photograph by Glenn Traver, My Shot

Painted Hills Sunrise

5th September

Gateway Arch, St Louis

Theatrical lights give the surface of the Gateway Arch a night sheen

Photograph by Jim Richardson, National Geographic

Gateway Arch

6th September

Giraffe, Zambia

A giraffe eats leaves from the lower branches of a tree

Photograph by  Frans Lanting, National Geographic


7th September

Thunder Lake, Minnesota

Sunset flares over Thunder Lake, one of 14 small lakes on the Red Lake Reservation managed by the tribal fisheries department. It feeds Red Lake, sacred to the Chippewa and once again thick with walleyes—fish with a glassy stare revered for their sweet, snowy flesh. By 1996 decades of overfishing had decimated the Red Lake fishery. Tribal, state, and federal agencies, along with the University of Minnesota, cooperated to set up a management plan. Fishing was suspended. Walleye fry were stocked. In less than ten years the fish population exploded from 200,000 to eight million, and tribal members were allowed to resume commercial fishing.

Photograph by Jack Dykinga, National Geographic

Thunder Lake

8th September

Lightning Storm

One of several images I took on April 19th, 2009, in Christian County, Kentucky. The day was filled with rotations and wonderful lightning storms. The series of storms rolled on for about three days

Photograph by Jason Whitman, My Shot

Lightning Storm

9th September

Nichols Bridgeway, Chicago

The Nichols Bridgeway extends over the world’s largest green roof to Millennium Park.

Photograph by Melissa Farlow, National Geographic

Nichols Bridgeway

10th September

Tundra Landscape, Russia

Rolling off Kronotsky Volcano, an autumn storm billows toward the tundra. This vast tweed of feathery grasses, red bearberries, and green crowberries attracts grazing reindeer, berry-picking bears, and curlews that swoop in by the thousands to strip the bushes of their fruit

Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic

Tundra Landscape

11th September

Silverback Gorilla, Africa

Needing fuel for his efforts, the silverback soaks in a swamp for hours, methodically stripping and rinsing dirt from herb roots before munching.

Photograph by Ian Nichols, National Geographic

Silverback Gorilla

12th September

Autumn Landscape

Autumn colors are a beautiful subject to shoot. This place has a special aura all year long, but at autumn it reveals its best.

I used a tripod standing in cold water. There were a few moments when I could have slipped in the water from slick rocks, but glad it didn’t happen.

Photograph by Olegas Kurasovas, My Shot

Autumn Landscape

13th September

Dust Tornado, Africa

French soldiers chase down papers picked up by a small dust tornado that went right through their camp during a ten-day French Tactical Desert Survival Training Course on May 8, 2008, in Djibouti, Africa.

Photograph by Jeremy Lock, Your Shot

Dust Tornado

14th September

Hengill Mountain, Iceland

Hengill mountain is close to Reykjavik and is famous for its geothermal areas and vivid colours

Photograph by Snorri Gunnarsson, My Shot

Hengill Mountain

15th September

Muscatine, Iowa

Under the cover of darkness, industry continues to expel smoke and steam into the wind currents along the Mississippi River. This image was captured in Muscatine, Iowa, as part of a 110-day expedition down the entire length of the river.

Photograph by Kyle Jeffery, My Shot


16th September

Tornado, Utah

Driving back from Moab, Utah, an impending tornado made us exit the highway and wait at the gas station. These two sat out on the curb watching the tornado come closer and closer until they couldn’t remain exposed for any longer.

Photograph by Michael McDermott, Your Shot


17th September

Stream Reflection, South Africa

Fall leaves drift on the surface of a stream, in which are reflected the branches of trees which have already shed their leaves. The picture was taken on a farm in the southern Free State, South Africa.

Photograph by Maurits Van Wyk, Your Shot

Stream Reflection

18th September

Starry Sky, Washington

Driving home over the Waterville Plateau, a waxing sliver of a moon that fell early below the horizon made for a perfect moment of stargazing. What was even more eerie though, was that the wind had completely stopped also. Even from about 30 feet up a small embankment I could hear my shutter trip for a 25-second exposure. The lights on the horizon, shining from over 70 miles away, were the city lights of Ephrata and Moses Lake, Washington.

Photograph by Rhys Logan, My Shot

Starry Sky

19th September

Tasermiut Fjord, Greenland

Glacial meltwater flows into Tasermiut fjord in south Greenland on a late September afternoon. The region’s 4,000-foot-high (1,200-meter-high) granite cliffs draw world-class rock climbers.

Photograph by Peter Essick, National Geographic

Tasermiut Fjord

20th September

Sunlight and Fog, Spain

Sun shining through fog on mausoleums.

Photograph by Jim Richardson, National Geographic

Sunlight and Fog

21st September

Bamboo Forest, Japan

A shot taken from the path while entering the incredible bamboo forest outside of Kyoto, Japan.

Photograph by Kyle Merriman, Your Shot

Bamboo Forest

22nd September

Temple of Borobudur, Indonesia

Worth waking up early for this amazing scene. It is an HDR (high dynamic range) image capture during the early blue hour at the Temple of Borobudur. This famous Buddhist temple, dating from the 8th and 9th centuries, is located in central Java. It was built in three tiers: a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular platforms and, at the top, a monumental stupa. The walls and balustrades are decorated with fine low reliefs.

Photograph by Desmond Ong, Your Shot

Temple of Borobudur

23rd September

Cows, Netherlands

I was taking photos of a couple of trees and when I walked back to my car I was followed by this herd of nosey cows. I had already packed all my equipment in the car but I had to take a photo of this. They lined up perfectly for me as if they were posing. I was really lucky with the weather as well.

Photograph by Jorinde van Ringen, My Shot


24th September

Beach Grass, Scotland

Marram beach grass blowing on the coast of the Isle of Lewis.

Photograph by Jim Richardson, National Geographic

Beach Grass

25th September

Sand Dunes, Brazil

Ribbons of dunes trap the rains.

Photograph by George Steinmetz, National Geographic

Sand Dunes

26th September

Wood Church, Greenland

Erik the Red killed a man in Iceland over a trifle and worshipped Norse gods until the end, but at Qassiarsuk (above), site of his Greenland farm, there is a replica of the tiny wood church he built for his wife, who converted to Christianity. A wall kept out the livestock.

Photograph by Peter Essick, National Geographic

Wood Church

27th September

Lightning, Chicago

Chicago’s Sears Tower backlit by multiple bolts of lightning. The picture was taken August 4, 2008, during the severe thunderstorm that spawned several tornadoes in the Chicago area.

Photograph by A. Rodriguez, My Shot


28th September

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver

I was in British Columbia last June for a photography project. I woke up early in the morning to take a picture of Vancouver from the North Vancouver mountains. When I arrived on location, the light was perfect! The city skyline and the Lions Gate Bridge through the fog made the scene especially magical.

Photograph by Mathieu Dupuis, Your Shot

Lions Gate Bridge

29th September

Clouds and Mountains, Norway

I took this picture from the popular view in Reine, Lofoten. I saw the weather changing from the kitchen window, so I grabbed the camera and ran out. A few minutes later I stood on the place were I was able to take some pictures. I managed to take five or six before the special light was gone again. The weather never ceases to amaze me here in Lofoten. It can change so quickly, and sometimes you can have four seasons in one hour.

Photograph by Camilla Wejdemar, My Shot

Clouds and Mountains

30th  September

Autumn Leaves, Japan

“The road gods beckoned.” Thus the poet Matsuo Basho set off in 1689 into Japan’s backcountry. His journal,Narrow Road to a Far Province, described a path, still visible on Natagiri Pass, that devotees have followed ever since.

Photograph by Michael Yamashita, National Geographic

Autumn Leaves

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these nature and weather related photos from around the world. There is no doubt that National Geographic is home to some of the most beautiful, stunning and amazing nature and culture photography to be found on the internet.

Please leave any comments or acknowledgements


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