Stunning Examples of Fisheye Photography

Fisheye lenses were originally developed for use in meteorological study, to enable a larger part of cloud formations to be included in the image.

Fisheye lenses are wide-angle lenses that take broad, panoramic, hemispherical images.

Photographers, being such creative souls, soon began using fisheye lenses to create skillful images with very different perspectives – fisheye lenses achieve extremely wide angles of view which give images a convex appearance.

There are two main types of fisheye lenses. A circular fisheye creates a circle within the film frame, so the outermost parts of the image remain dark.
A full-frame fisheye enlarges that circle to cover the entire frame. The first full-frame fisheye lens was produced by Nikon in the early 1970s.

As always with photography, subject, lighting, angle and many other factors come into play to get the perfect shot with a fisheye lens.

Stunning Examples of Fisheye Photography

In this article we are featuring some stunning examples of photographs taken using a fisheye lens. Notice the subjects are often similar, as are the angles – there is quite a well-defined method of acheiving great images with fisheye lenses.

First off, here is an example of a shot using a fisheye lens used for meteorological purposes. The convex effect allows for all of the sky area within the tree-formed circle to be studied.

Meteorological Example

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Reflections and a fisheye


Dreams of the City

Montbazin Fisheye

Lost Religion



Fisheye I


Fisheye Sky HDR

Fisheye Pylon VI

70.9 Water


Fisheye Sunset 2182

Fisheye at Hong Kong Park

Fisheye 7

Fisheye Lens

Fisheye Thing

Fisheye Millenium

Empire State Fisheyes


Shibuya Sakura Fisheye

8mm Fisheye Fun

Jack HDR Fisheye

Brooklyn Bridge Fisheye

Fisheye in Fishes Square

BMSTU Fisheye

Fisheye Parasol

The Eye

Japan From The Eye Of Fish 9

The Door

Fisheye 2

Niagara Falls


Planet Paris

Santa Maria del Fiore


Humber Bridge East Yorkshire

A Night by the Lake

A Cow

I hope your eyes are not bulging or twirling after viewing these stunning photos!!!
Please leave any comments or links to outstanding examples of fisheye photography that we may have missed below.


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