Creatively Outstanding Shadow Photography

Shadows are all around us, no matter what time of day or season it is, you can always see a shadow if you look hard enough.

The thing is, in general we don’t actively look for shadows – there will be times when we notice a particularly nice, strange, well-defined, etc shadow, and also fun moments when we create shadows with our hands or bodies on a wall.

Photographers, on the other hand, are always looking out for such things as interesting, photogenic shadows in the hope of getting that great, split-second-timing opportunistic shot.

Creative photographers also set up shadow photography applying their lighting skills.

Here we feature nearly 30 outstanding photographs either with the shadow as the sole subject, or as a definitive part of the image.

Creatively Outstanding Shadow Photography

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Shadow Arts

White Shadow

Shadow Climbing the Ladder at Sunset



Casting Shadows at the Grand Canyon

Shadow Frisbeeing

Shadow Dance

Shadow Cat


Shadow Play


Dancing Shadow

Shadow of the Light



Class Shadow


Clock of Shadow


Shadow on the Wall


A Shadow




Shadows of Nature

New Balloon plus our Shadow

Shadow on the Wall

I hope you have enjoyed viewing and been inspired by these wonderful photographs.

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