Beautiful and Colourful Single Flower Photographs

Mother Nature provides us with a plethora of colours and textures that we pass by every day – whether it is a stroll in the park, walking to work, walking the dog or even just looking out of the window… there is colour and texture all around us.

Photographers who have great creativity and imagination can take advantage of all that is offered to us through the lens of their camera.

It’s true that one flower does not make a bouquet – and we can all see the beauty in a well-structured flower arrangement, but to get the full beauty from one single flower there has to be a lot of artistic flair applied.

In this showcase we are featuring stunning photographs of single flowers, shot by talented and creative photographers, using both macro and close-up photography techniques and lenses, the single flowers are either photographed from a different angle, or with natural added elements such as raindrops or insects, or with a colourful or highly contrasting backdrop to capture out attention – even what we would generally overlook as just pesky weeds can have the beauty brought out of them by a skilled photographer!

Beautiful and Colourful Single Flower Photographs

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Pink Flower


Purple Flower

Macro Flower Blue





There is a Sun in Every Flower


Yellow Tempered

Ode to Joy



After the Rain

Red Yellow Green Summer



Adventure 2


Silk Petals

Pink Bowl


The following image is a small collection of photographs by an outstanding macro photographer. Clicking on the image will take you to the gallery of origin.

By Orange Leaf

I can’t say for sure that none of these images have been Photoshopped, I can say that some have been set up by the photographer rather than taken in their natural surroundings. To achieve the correct lighting and angle for these beautiful photographs is sometimes impossible in situ.

However, I can also say that they are all creative, artistic, imaginative and stunning photographs taken by extremely skilled photographers.

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about 6 years ago

i love photography and i love photographs of flowers...just don't have the right equipment. these photos of flowers are simply outstanding...set up or not, they were created by people who are really good with a camera. thanks.



about 5 years ago

Breathe-taking photographs



about 5 years ago

I used to love photography before and these lovely photos have encouraged me to continue with what I loved doing. Thank you


Sruthi Mamidala

about 5 years ago

very nice photography



about 5 years ago

nice click....


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