Highly Useful Abstract Textures/Backgrounds

Textures are used more and more in web design, graphic design and photo manipulation.

Sometimes you need a specific style of texture, such as metal, wood, fabric, etc., but many times an abstract texture fits beautifully with your project.

This collection of textures have been selected as those that will work well both as a texture and as a background – depending upon your project’s requirement.

Highly Useful Abstract Textures/Backgrounds

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Zam's Texture

Beauty 5

Textures 101


Antique 1

Texture 102

Phatpuppy Butterfly

Texture: Evanescence

Texture 16

The Sky Man

Season of Winter 4


Texture 007


Untitled Resource 99

Season of Winter 1

Use This 250

My Galaxy Texture

Dreams In The Air Texture

Peeling Dripping Paint Red

I hope you have found some of these textures useful. As they are all from deviantART, you should check out the provider’s rules of use before using any of them.

Please leave any comments below.


I am a purveyor of graphic design, photography and general inspiration on the internet. I spend lots of time browsing and try to bring the best of my finds so you don't have to search for inspiration.

  • http://www.myphotoshoptextures.com Dave

    Great selection of textures, love the tree themed one. -D-

  • http://thefantasim.deviantart.com Christie

    Wonderful textures! And you have included 4 of my favorites! What a coincidence!

    • http://www.graphix1.co.uk/ carol

      More like ‘great minds….’ lol