20 Stunning Photographs of Hot Air Balloons

The beauty of photographing hot air balloons is that either the balloons themselves can be the focal point, or the landscape they are flying over.

During my search for these photographs, I discovered that there is definitely a skill to taking outstanding shots of hot air balloons. Obviously, the lighting is of great importance, but also, the angles, backdrops, brightness, contrast – just about every consideration must be thought about to get the perfect shot, so the photographer must be not only a very good photographer, but also have a creative eye.

Hot air balloons tend to conjure up a dreamy, summer, romantic connection – probably more so for those of us who have never had the opportunity to take a ride in one!

Stunning Photographs of Hot Air Balloons

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2 Balloons

Nothing but Hot Air + Lettuce

Balloons 2


Hot Air Balloons 2

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons 2008

Hot Air Ballooning

The Seam Seeker

Balloon Glow

Double Your Pleasure

Bottom Up

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Britain

Hot Air Balloon Reflected Arizona

Hot Air Ballooning New Mexico

Sunrise Flight Over Lake Skinner

Waiting for Lift Off

Up Up and Away

High Hopes-Rained Upon

Hot air balloon

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these outstanding photographs – maybe they have made you want to go and take a ride on a hot air balloon yourself!

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