Inspired by Design #50

Here is this week’s collection of outstanding digital art and design, and of course, a quotation after the showcase.

Inspired by Design #50

Excavating the Frozen Beast by Jackaloftrades

Excavating the Frozen Beast

garden by mackill


Mrs Sherlock Holmes by phatpuppy

Mrs Sherlock Holmes

Face Drops by DonBertone

Face Drops

Captain Jack Sparrow by redderz

Captain Jack Sparrow

Caves of Tau Ceti by ArthurBlue

Caves of Tau Ceti

Star Flame by blkcat13

Star Flame

All of the lights by SMILE

All of the lights

Glass Apple by shan3990

Glass Apple

Avatar: Katara by Viccolatte

Avatar: Katara

The Hobbit by Howietzer

The Hobbit

Down by resenhista


Running out of Time by Vihola

Running out of Time

Sid by NikiVandermosten


Tie The Noose by suqer

Tie The Noose

Delirium by RDN


Mind Tricks by amorphisss

Mind Tricks

Village Schoolgirl by dsnGiap

Village Schoolgirl

Romantic Agony by curlyhair

Romantic Agony

You by ailah


Tilt time by Apofiss

Tilt time

And finally…

Here is this week’s inspirational/motivational quote:


As always, I would like to thank the artists for sharing their work for our inspiration, motivation and viewing pleasure.

Please leave any comments or acknowledgements below.


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  • Christie

    Love this article! I gave several favorites from this one. :)