Of Mice and Elephants…

So, the theory goes that elephants are afraid of mice. I trawled the internet looking for the truth, and found it is an ongoing debate! Many think that elephants are not afraid of mice per se, but are wary of them. Others report that elephants simply look bored when shown a mouse.

However, this research threw a spanner into the works, as I stumbled upon articles stating that no, elephants are not afraid of mice, but are terrified of ants! There is some logic to this apparent fear… as elephants eat foliage and bark from trees, ants can invade their trunks – which must tickle like mad, but also, ants nip and that stings!

Whatever the truth is, I decided to bring you a showcase of photographs of elephants and mice – the big and the small.

Of Mice and Elephants...


One Brown Mouse

Elephants by Romanara

mouse by lilithpro

Elephant by Andy Lederer

Mouse Barrel

African Elephant

another...glass of...mouse

Elephant by DigitalArt2

Mouse 4

We are family

Mouse by Eliwyn

Cool Down

Mouse 2

Beauty and the Beast

The field mouse

Uganda Mweya


Elephants by decafinata

Toffifee mice

Here comes trouble…

Ant circle

Do you believe that elephants are afraid of mice – or ants for that matter?  Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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