20 Colourful and Fun Vector Art Wallpapers

Vector art is usually bright colours and clean lines.

Vector art wallpaper is a refreshing alternative to a complex photograph.

This showcase contains a selection of colourful and fun vector art wallpapers to brighten your day.

Colourful and Fun Vector Art Wallpapers

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Fantasy Island

Valentine's Heart

A trip to wonderland

I didn't mean you're fat

Toast's Death 2


Look, look



Retro Profile

Plugs and Coke

Fueled with Smartness


8 Arm Creature

Love knows no bounds

big G


Bamboo Zen


Japanese Horizon

I hope you like and can use these very artistic wallpapers.

Please leave any comments or acknowledgements for the art/artists below.


I am a purveyor of graphic design, photography and general inspiration on the internet. I spend lots of time browsing and try to bring the best of my finds so you don't have to search for inspiration.