20 Mind-Blowing Examples of Surreal Photography

Creating surreal art through traditional media, digital painting or photo manipulation is a skill and requires thinking outside the box, but creating a surreal photograph is a whole different matter.

To create a great surreal photograph, the photographer has to start off by being exceptionally creative. Then he/she has to maybe be in the right place at the right time to get an ‘other worldly’ shot, or has to get into strange and probably very uncomfortable positions to take the photograph from an angle not normally seen, or maybe get themselves and/or their model in unusual positions, or place items where they wouldn’t normally be.

Whichever method has been used in the following showcase, the photographers have achieved some outstandingly surreal results that us mere mortals can only wonder at!

Mind-Blowing Surreal Photography

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Red Trauma

scandanavian summer blues


david gilmour has my socks


bad note saloon

Future Flowers II

go on



surreal energy



the finite dimensions

Fire Water World

Play with clouds

Last Drop

Self portrait: Araneae

Faceless fall



Surreal is actually all around us – have you ever looked at an evening or stormy sky and considered that if you painted it (if you could!) no-one would think it looked real?  These fleeting thoughts that many of us non-photographers have are acted upon by creative photographers to bring us images such as we’ve shown here.

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