Inspired by Design #47

Here is this week’s round-up of outstanding digital art and design. Don’t forget to check out the motivational/inspirational quote after the showcase!

Inspired by Design #47

Sumptuous by phatpuppy


The Ancient Ship Of Doom by pirataimaginario

The Ancient Ship Of Doom

Vision by dwishdc


Divine Boundaries by m4gik

Divine Boundaries

Apocalypse by LakoDesigns


Signs and Places Cover by daveforyou

Signs and Places Cover

Mechanized Plumage by AureliusCat

Mechanized Plumage

dark butterfly 4 by ladylionink

dark butterfly 4

Floating of Antlion by Almacan

Floating of Antlion

Corridors of time by Spyro152

Corridors of time

Command Central by jim373

Command Central

the bus stop by MrNoxx

the bus stop

the Arrival by abdelrahman

the Arrival

copper by wiirus


The girl and the dragon by ELENADUDINA

The girl and the dragon

Enchanted by Alien-Piglet


Untold Story of a Lighthouse by i-am-JENius

Untold Story of a Lighthouse

It Is What It Is by DesignPhilled

It Is What It Is

Last Breath by StigmaChina

Last Breath

My Friend Mr. Squirrel by Dezzan

My Friend Mr. Squirrel

The Seeker by xetobyte

The Seeker

The Adaptation Wallpaper by emciem

The Adaptation Wallpaper

FractalFoundry II by MarkJayBee

FractalFoundry II

The Customer is King by jeff80

The Customer is King

For Mother’s Day by phatpuppy

For Mother's Day

Stranded by Sturmtief


Golden Embers by jazzilady

Golden Embers

And finally…

Here is this week’s inspirational/motivational quote:


As always, my thanks go to the artists for being willing to share their art for our inspiration, motivation and viewing pleasure.

Please leave any comment or acknowledgements for the art/artists below.
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