20 Out of This World Sci-Fi Wallpapers

Science Fiction is a very popular art and film genre, so I have collected 20 stunning free wallpapers based on sci-fi.

Out of This World Sci-Fi Wallpapers

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The Dark Moon by qaz2008

The Dark Moon

Loca Infernorum by taenaron

Loca Infernorum

Daimyo class Heavy Cruiser by the-least

Daimyo class Heavy Cruiser

Kija in the dark by particle9

Kija in the dark

Intergalactic Tragedy by Swaroop

Intergalactic Tragedy

Lithiria III by genocide-54

Lithiria III

got probed by fizzgig

got probed

Darth Vader by Njenga

Darth Vader

Dark Orb by Horgath

Dark Orb

Lost in Translation by DarkAngelsRhapsody

Lost In Translation

Contact by Felipegm


Some Velvet Morning by AEVU

Some Velvet Morning

Caught By The Death by MJ00

Caught By The Death

Pollen by inception8


December Morning by Pawel Durczok

December Morning

Beautiful Serenity by Dieki Noordhoek

Beautiful Serenity

Robot BBQ by Creattica

Robot BBQ

Blue Moon by Microbot

Blue Moon

Memoir by Jeff J Y Huang


Genesis by Zach Bush


Desktopography 5 by Priteeboy

Desktopography 5

I hope there is at least one wallpaper in this collection that you want for your desktop screen. Thanks to the artists who are willing to share their work.

Please leave any comments or acknowledgements for the art/artists below.



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