20 Outstanding Examples of Vector Art

Vector art is defined in a large part by the software the art was created with, for instance, Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Trying to find a clear definition of vector art, the best I came across was from wisegeek.com, and here is an extract from their definition:

“The images in vector art are basic and simplistic, consisting of lines, points, polygons, and curves. Vector art is akin to the type of imaging typically used to create cartoon images found in comic strips. In addition, vector art is typically used to create business logos and signs, making them easy for the brain to remember.”

Vector art, in recent years, has come along in leaps and bounds, as is proved by this collection of 20 examples created by extremely talented artists.

Outstanding Examples of Vector Art

Asian sunset by bw-inc

Asian sunset

1310 by ya-na


Goldfish Turn On by onewayprophet

Goldfish Turn On

Water by LimKis


Pepper Vector by Artgerm

Pepper Vector

Alyson Hannigan by verucasalt82

Alyson Hannigan

Hamasaki-3 by abiko


Saleen S7R Vector by p3nx

Saleen S7R Vector

Night falls by Askhari

Night falls

Pirate girl by Teruchan

Pirate girl

Look Away…. by finalknightxx

Look Away....

eyes of a beholder by Envyme2x

eyes of a beholder

Portrait with a rose by Alexxxx1

Portrait with a rose

Model T by AdamPate

Model T

GoDdeS by Zhu2hui


Pirate by LimKis


FreeSpirit by turp


Red on Black by acday1001

Red on Black

The Goddess of the Sea by SneakyFox2

The Goddess of the Sea

through the looking glass by Kyntio

through the looking glass

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