20 Useful, High-Resolution Wood Textures

From a general design point of view, wood textures have always been popular, but recently the use of wood textures in web design has increased dramatically.

Here is a collection of 20 very useful, high-resolution, free wood textures.

Useful, High-Resolution Wood Textures

Click on any image to visit the page of origin and for the download link

Stable Door

Split Trunk

Wooden Knot

Wooden Door

Tileable Wood Texture

Wood Floorboards

Free Wood Texture 002

Stained panels

Wood Texture 3-Hardwood

Wood 04

Wood 01

Wood 03

Good Wood

Wide Brown Wood

Wood Boards 01

Wood Texture 16


Cedar Texture v4

Woody Texture 2

Bark Texture 6

I hope this showcase has brought you some new textures for your library, along with a little inspiration for your next textured design.

Please leave any comments below.


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