20 Outstanding Examples of Reflection Photography

Reflections in photography can either create a stunning piece of artistic work, or completely ruin the image. Good reflection photography depends on many factors such as light source, what is being reflected and the reflective substrate – ie: mirror, water, glass, etc., and of course, the creativity of the photographer.

Here is a collection of 20 outstanding examples of creatively excellent reflections in photographs.

Outstanding Examples of Reflection Photography

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Chigaco-Under the Cloudgate

Sunset-Loch Shieldaig

Urmia Salt Lake


quarter past 5

Harrison Hot Springs

Plaza Zorrilla, Valladolid (Spain)

Two equestrian riders

Smooth Reflections

City Refraction, City Reflection

Another Reflection

Feather Reflection

Circled Reflection

puddle reflection

reflection in bulb




light looks back



I hope you have enjoyed and been inspired by this showcase.

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Mark McGowan

about 6 years ago

Wonderful collection of reflection photographs - it's a technique I love and use often myself - http://blog.formidablephotography.com/category/photoblog-archives/reflections-photoblog-archives/


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