20 Humourous Celebrity Caricatures

A caricature is a grossly exaggerate likeness of a person – achieved by emphasizing the larger facial features, ie nose, eyes, lips, chin, and minimizing the smaller features of a person’s face.

Caricatures can be either insulting or complimentary – although the artist’s intention is not always the way the subject receives the message!

With the technological advances in drawing software, and the influx of outstanding digital artists, you do not have to move away from your computer to view great caricature illustrations.

This feature brings you 20 outstanding, humourous caricature illustrations of celebrities.

Humourous Celebrity Caricatures

Dr House caricature by macpulenta

Dr House caricature

Mick Jagger Caricature by StDamos

Mick Jagger Caricature

Whoopi Goldberg – Caricature by JigokuHana

Whoopi Goldberg-Caricature

Kanye West Caricature by VictorGatmaitan

Kanye West Caricature

Mel Gibson caricature by partical0

Mel Gibson caricature

Clint Eastwood Caricature by fillengroovy

Clint Eastwood Caricature

Sutherland Caricature by StDamos

Sutherland Caricature

s spielberg caricature by dugazm

s spielberg caricature

Will smith by mrpeculiar

Will smith

Caricature Albert Einstein by crazedude

Caricature Albert Einstein

John Locke by AnthonyGeoffroy

John Locke

De Niro by AnthonyGeoffroy

De Niro

Jack by ElectroNic0


Bean by Hikari151


Amy Winehouse by AnthonyGeoffroy

Amy Winehouse

Prince Charles by Boulevard of the Stars

Prince Charles

Alfred Hitchcock by Nelson Santos

Alfred Hitchcock

Leonardo DiCaprio by Boulevard of the Stars

Leonardo DiCaprio

Dustin Hoffman by Boulevard of the Stars

Dustin Hoffman

Cristiano Ronaldo by Nelson Santos

Cristiano Ronaldo

I hope all or some of these caricatures have made you smile. Have you come across or even produced a great caricature?  Please share with us in the comments below.


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