20 Stunning Fractal Art Wallpapers

Here is a stunning collection of fractal art wallpapers.
Stunning Fractal Art Wallpapers

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Portal by JoelFaber


Transmission III by love1008

Transmission III

New Year Flowering 2 by love1008

New Year Flowering 2

Wall Nuoevo by Kosciarz

Wall Nuoevo

Pink Trinity by HelloNurse

Pink Trinity

Burning Inside by Aeires

Burning Inside

Bubble Wave WP by darkstormlord

Bubble Wave WP

Flowerings 26 Lotus by love1008

Flowerings 26 Lotus

Happy New Year 2010 by nmsmith

Happy New Year 2010

astralCastles by love1008


Cradled by lyastri


Waterfall Pearls by love1008

Waterfall Pearls

Apophysis 3D Wallpaper by DragonWinter

Apophysis 3D Wallpaper

Collaboration by nmsmith and hartandhunter


Pearly Wings by Thelma1

Pearly Wings

Fairies At War by magnusti78

Fairies At War

Crying Japanese Blossom by coby01

Crying Japanese Blossom

Sylvan Rings by Velvet-Glove

Sylvan Rings

Interlock by milleniumsentry


Sassy Brass by Frankief

Sassy Brass

Don’t forget to check out the galleries of the featured artists on deviantart.com – most of them have many more fractal art wallpapers available.

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about 7 years ago

OMG!!! SO beautiful! Me and my cousin wonder how you make those amazing photos?! OMG!! FANTASTIC PHOTOS!! :D


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