20 Heart-Warming Photographs of Old People

In the natural order of things, old-age should come to us all. Elderly people are just us in a few years’ time – yes, a few years… it is amazing how time flies as you age!

I like to think that every wrinkle on an old person’s face was created by a laugh – so the more wrinkles, the more the person has laughed in their lifetime – may be a fantasy, but a nice way to look at it!

Heart-Warming Photographs of Old People

this old man… by salemwitch

this old man...

old man by roblfc1892

old man

Old Dragon by ZaGHaMi

Old Dragon

The story of a hundred years by ennil

The story of a hundred years

An Old Bulgarian James Dean… by borissov

An Old Bulgarian James Dean...

The Old Man 3 by hornsholdmyhalo

The Old Man 3

It’s a long story by toyan

It's a long story

Jubilee by kittystalker


When I am an Old Woman by mamjakty

When I am an Old Woman

old lady by koesbong

old lady

sweet old kiss by dark_ghetto28

sweet old kiss

old pro by nothing to hide

old pro

Old neighbour by colinlogan

Old neighbour

saturday train by happy-dee-dooo

saturday train

Love is… by Ward

Love is...

Tribute to life by FreeBirD

Tribute to life

Lost in Time by William Cho

Lost in Time

Meghwal Elder II by Meanest Indian

Meghwal Elder II

The two old men by CrossingMissVampire

The two old men

an old man in newcastle by neilhr

an old man in newcastle

And to think…. many of these old people will have never seen a computer or the internet, but they have been the subject of outstanding, technologically advanced imagery, and published on the web!

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about 6 years ago

such beautiful soles, I just want to hug them all.



about 6 years ago

should say such beautiful souls, oops


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