20 Amazing Examples of Wild Cat Photography

Wild cats are one of nature’s little tricks…. they look so cute, but are so deadly. Therefore it is good for us that we have wonderful photographers capturing superb images for us to ‘ohhh’ and ‘ahhh’ over.

Here is a lovely compilation of wild cat photography to charm everyone.

Wild Cat Photography

Baby Jag by Sooper-Deviant

Baby Jag

Tiger Close-up by justinblackphotos

Tiger Close-up

Jaguar by cycoze


Igor…The Puma by donia

Igor...The Puma

Narnia by loooch


White Tiger by Jay-Co

White Tiger

Black Panther by LordMeltdown

Black Panther

Have you seen the muffin man? by x-crossroad

Have you seen the muffin man?

intensity by ucumari


No Fear! by ucumari

No Fear!

A twig is the best toy! by Tambako the Jaguar

A twig is the best toy!

Amur leopard by ucumari

Amur leopard

About Amur Leopards: The Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis), also known as the Manchurian leopard and the Far Eastern leopard, is a wild feline predator native to the mountainous areas of the taiga as well as other temperate forests in Korea, Northeast China and the Russian Far East. It is one of the rarest felids in the world with an estimated 30 to 35 individuals remaining in the wild.

Adopt an Amur leopard from WWF-US or WWF-UK and support their work to secure its habitat, establish anti-poaching teams and develop environmental education programs that showcase the animal’s importance to the region.

Lion cubs by ucumari

Lion cubs

lion portrait at Chester Zoo by Adam Foster

lion portrait at Chester Zoo

Untitled by ucumari


mr white by patries71

mr white

An argument by Tambako the Jaguar

An argument

Cougar by digitalART2


Tiger Cub by digitalART2

Tiger Cub

Tiger Mom And Cub by digitalART2

Tiger Mom And Cub

I hope you enjoyed viewing these wonderful big cat photographs.

Please leave any comments or acknowledgements for the photos/photographers below.


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Kentucky Kitten

about 6 years ago

How beautiful is that! Great photos! Love cats of any kind


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