Outstanding Illustrative Cartoons

‘Cartoon’ has various meanings, based on some very different forms of visual and illustrative art.

We all know such cartoons as those animated films from the Disney studio, or the short Tom and Jerry type animations. Also, cartoon strips in newspapers such as Peanuts, and comic magazines such as Marvel, The Beano, etc.

Illustrative Cartoons

But the word ‘cartoon’ started out meaning something quite different: it was the word used for a preparatory drawing for a piece of art – or what is today referred to as an outline sketch.

Cartoons as we know them today have moved along in leaps and bounds – compare the original Mortimer Mouse cartoons with such animated films as The Lion King… well, there is no comparison!

Here I am showcasing some outstanding cartoons created by digital cartoonists – not all of them are what we would necessarily immediately think of as a cartoon – we may initially put the label ‘illustration’ on some of the showcased images, but as mentioned above, illustrative art can be a cartoon.

Instant Noodles are awesome by qinni

Instant Noodles are awesome

The Simpsonzu by spacecoyote

The Simpsonzu

Peacock by frozenlilacs


Campbell Beyond Wonderland by Bakanekonei

Campbell Beyond Wonderland

Stupid Cat by jollyjack

Stupid Cat

Oh ddddDear by kizer180

Oh ddddDear

Garnet Halloween by frozenlilacs

Garnet Halloween

Somewhere in Heaven… by shinga

Somewhere in Heaven

Hey there Yuna by VanillaKitsune

Hey there Yuna

At the Stroke of Midnight by Bakanekonei

At the Stroke of Midnight

Eros by Wen-M


Tangled: Lights for Rapunzel by Aristeidis

Tangled: :Lights for Rapunzel

my pet mermaid by dorset

my pet mermaid

secretaire by joel27


Cyblade 2 by Eddy-Swan

Cyblade 2

The Merman by Sephirarmy

The Merman

Back to the Future by AnthonyGeoffroy

Back to the Future

Supergirl by Daggerpoint by Eddy-Swan

Supergirl by Daggerpoint

Open BFFs by thweatted

Open BFFs

Dos Mil Once by elixirXsczjX13

Dos Mil Once

T.B.S – Colored by PPGxRRB-FAN

T.B.S - Colored

Mad Logan by Ronin1984

Mad Logan

CM: xkatphantomx by IceyAngel101

CM: xkatphantomx

My place by Dragon-lover-girl14

My place

Information source: Wikipedia

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these cartoons. Please leave any comments or acknowledgements for the art/artists below.
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Nice! I love cartoon actually.


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