Outstanding Inspirational Photo Manipulated Wallpapers

It’s a pleasure to have a great wallpaper on your desktop as we seem to spend so much time looking at it. It’s also nice to have a good collection of wallpapers if you like to change it around often.

Here is a collection of more than 25 beautiful photo manipulated wallpapers. I hope you find something you like here!

Photo Manipulated Wallpapers

Tower Bridge by phyzer

Tower Bridge

Eiffel Tower by phyzer

Eiffel Tower

Calm Sea by ladyrapid

Calm Sea

The land of lost things by barnaulsky-zeek

The land of lost things

Magik Lantern by djnjpendragon

Magik Lantern

Lonely by Overkill766


The cryptkeeper by Funerium

The cryptkeeper

Zen Attitude by pickupjojo

Zen Attitude

Morningrise by MistaBobby


Grave mound by Funerium

Grave mound

Spider by Someone144


Waltz of… by FreakyBabe

Waltz of...

Jack by Funerium


The Pathway to Enlightenment by MistaBobby

The Pathway to Enlightenment

Playstation 3 Eye Toy by Xlisjen

Playstation 3 Eye Toy

The Harvester by Funerium

The Harvester

The Bridge by Funerium

The bridge

Dark Turn by DRS994

Dark Turn

Coloring City by amiLOnZ

Coloring City

pianogirl by varian


Mushrooms House

Mushrooms House

dream car by dafne-1337art

dream car

Music by Miggi4Deviant


My Whole World For YOU by Lilyas

My Whole World For YOU

the orbs by CrazyLZ

the orbs

A great selection of outstanding wallpapers, I hope you agree!

Please show your appreciation for the art and the artists by leaving a comment below.


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about 7 years ago

A really good selection here! Not just some pedestrian photos, or worse, a gradient and a few brushmarks, like I've seen too often the last few years.


Thomas Baker

about 7 years ago

"A great selection of outstanding wallpapers, I hope you agree!"... It's impossible to disagree.


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