35+ Examples of Breathtaking Night-Time Photography

Good photography is a popular art form. Good night time photography is a technique creating it’s own art form.

Breathtaking Night-time Photography

The photographer has to choose between using either a long exposure or raising the ISO settings. These considerations are dependent on the motion within the the shot and the end result the photographer is aiming to achieve.

A long exposure will give a sharper result on a still image. Raising the ISO settings will allow shorter exposure time to capture fireworks, etc. However, the effect of a longer exposure time on a shot of fireworks can be desired – it will give ‘streaks’ of light in motion.

Whichever method the photographer uses, a tripod is pretty much a necessity – if no tripod is available or, as is the case at some tourist attractions, not allowed, then raising the ISO settings is the only way to photograph night time shots to minimize hand-shake.

The following list contains exceptional night time shots, many of which include water as reflections at night are glorious. Many of these photographs are well worth taking a look at in larger size – just click on the images to view the original photograph.

Colorful Night Fountain by epSos.de

Location : Puerto Cruz de Tenerife

Colorful Night Fountain

New York New York in Las Vegas by Werner Kunz

New York New York in Las Vegas

Gecenin Koynunda by Kuzeytac

Location: Canakkale, Turkey

Gecenin Koynunda

Saguaros on Fire by Greg McCown

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Saguaros on Fire

frozen light in a snow weekend by Paulo Brandao

Location: Galicia, Spain

frozen light in a snow weekend

Noche de luna llena by Luz A. Villa

Location: Antioquia, Columbia

Noche de luna llena

Pigeon Point/Sky Whale by Dave

Location: Butano Park, California

Pigeon Point/Sky Whale

Natural Night Light Beams by ViaMoi

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Natural Night Light Beams

Blue Mists at Snoqualmie Falls by joiseyshowaa

Location: Washington

Blue Mists at Snoqualmie Falls

suspended by Paul Dex

Location: Toronto, Ontario


Malpica Port by Juan Lois

Location: Galicia, Spain

Malpica Port

Ponte di Calatrava by ecatoncheires

Location: Re, Italy

Ponte di Calatrava

Top of Akasaka by John Mueller

Location: Tokyo

Top of Akasaka

A Light in the Dark by Cesar Cabrera

Location: Monumental Core, Washington

A Light in the Dark

Bruges by Night by Matt Becker

Location: Belgium

Bruges by Night

London at Night by Lady-Tori

London at Night

Magic night by Top4

Location: Vatican City

Magic Night

Coloured Night by Nightline

Location: Vienna

Coloured Night

Starry Night by Dynnnad

Location: Elkeringhausen, Germany

Starry Night

Night: Bridge over the Yarra by Punkdiva

Location: Melbourne

Night: Bridge over the Yarra

Night Glow by short-ribs

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Night Glow

Night Time by dimensionzero

Location: Everett, Washington

Night Time

A Night at the Fair by Zer0s0phT

Location: Orange County

A Night at the Fair

Night Reflections by Alex37

Location: Bristol, England

Night Reflections

Night-time in the Cemetery by T-Hip

Night-time in the Cemetery

Night of Otorii by ScopedEvil

Location: Itsukushima, Japan

Night of Otorii

Montreal at Night by Pathethic

Montreal at Night

The Night by RobertoBertero

Location: Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

The Night

Night at Bremen by densss

Night at Bremen

Night Burn by mygreymatter

Night Burn


Fireworks Extravaganza 3 by Shooter1970

Fireworks Extravaganza 3

Alton Fireworks 1 – 2010 by ghopper99

Alton Fireworks 1 - 2010

from anonymous team fireworks by rusdisanad

from anonymous team fireworks

Fireworks by m0m0


Daily Disney – Fireworks by Joe Penniston

Daily Disney - Fireworks

Fireworks NYE 2005 by Mr Magoo ICU

Fireworks NYE 2005

Macy’s 4th of July fireworks 2010 by Barry Yanowitz

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks 2010

Untitled by Taro416


The art of taking night time photographs is quite precise – it is said that most photographers have tens if not hundreds of poor night time photographs for each good one they produce.

Please leave any acknowledgements for the photographs/photographers in the comments below. Also, if you have discovered a breathtaking night shot, why not share the link with us.


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Ron Tedwater

about 7 years ago

Really nice post,thank you



about 7 years ago

Beautiful selection of photos! Thank you for including me!


Erik Kerstenbeck

about 7 years ago

Hi Really nice night images here...night presents some real challenges but often the results are just spectacular. Here is one of mine: Excelsior Hotel, Rome: http://t.co/dpxMEmy This is a three shot HDR, 10mm Sigma on a Nikon D90, Post with Photomatix Regards, Erik



about 7 years ago

That is a beautiful photo - thanks for sharing


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