Inspired by Design #21

Here is another round up of great, inspirational digital art and design gathered from the internet this week.

Inspired by Design #21

Fashion Photography by Kamel Zebib

Fashion Photography

Wherever it may take you… by Janne Olkkonen

Wherever it may take you...

Disturbed Structure by Collignon Antoine

Disturbed Structure

Typography designs by Panayiotis Demou

Typography designs

Visionation by Lacza


Lust for Typography by NASRALTF

Lust for Typography

Weezer typography by tntrekbulator

Weezer typography

Girl with sunflower

Girl with sunflower

Through the Eyes of the Wolf by okieslastwhisper

Through the Eyes of the Wolf

Peaceful Mind my tehjeh

Peaceful Mind

Bow to Death by ADannyS

Bow to Death

absoluteDailyLife by megakorean


cello heaven by Azaz16

cello heaven

Encide Wallpaper by rallues

Encide Wallpaper

Diamonds Witch by AntoA

Diamonds Witch

donna drago by keldrane

donna drago

The Marshlands by mary-cherry-me

The Marshlands

Disturbia version 2 by SpiritOfNature

Disturbia version 2

To nowhere by SallyBreed

To nowhere

nature can feel by Honestheart26

nature can feel

November 2010 wallpaper by polluxos

November 2010 wallpaper

Butterfly Orchid Revisited by patrx

Butterfly Orchid Revisited

Rainy Days and Mondays by FractalEyes

Rainy Days and Mondays

The Beginning by philipbrunner

The Beginning

Magic Lamp by reginadiedraghi

Magic Lamp

Memory of Grandma in Moonlight by digimagicnb

Memory of Grandma in Moonlight

Individualism – Poster by fatihtokoz


Red Dead Roses by thefantasim

Red Dead Roses

the wind catchers by MaureenOlder

the wind catchers

Quien me llama? by ELENADUDINA

Quien me llama?

Graceful Flight by saretta1

Graceful Flight

Birds of a Feather by phatpuppy

Birds of a Feather

Retro Style N4 by ImVincent

Retro Style N4

I would like to thank all the artists featured this week for sharing their outstanding work for our viewing pleasure and inspiration.

Please leave any acknowledgements for the art and/or the artists below.


I love using and learning Photoshop, and I also enjoy creating resources to share with the world. I am at my happiest when I have free time to further explore all that Photoshop has to offer and learn more about its powerful built-in tools. I hope people enjoy either using or learning from my free resources, and welcome any hints and tips - and of course, if you would like to offer a free resource on this site, please don't hesitate to contact me (top right of the page).



about 7 years ago

Wow, thank you so much for including my work this is a marvelous feature I'm honored


Elena Dudina

about 7 years ago

Wonderful Collection !!! Thanks a lot for including my " Quién me llama ? "



about 7 years ago

fantastic article. it is nice to see work featured this nicely.


digimagicnb / Natalka

about 7 years ago

Thanks so much for including my image in this nice collection.



about 7 years ago

Thank you for including my work of ''just natural'' is an honor!


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