20 Examples of Stunning Underwater Photography

Good photography will usually be well appreciated, but good underwater photography should be more so – it is a demanding discipline, requiring a lot of patience, a certain amount of bravery, and some very expensive equipment – the photographer needs to have skills in both photography and diving.

Underwater Photography

Most of the images showcased below are not only underwater photography, but underwater macro photography – which must be doubly difficult and at times dangerous!

Just one of the images below was taken at an aquarium, therefore the photographer was not in the water – all others were taken during dives.

I hope you enjoy them and are able to appreciate the skills that went into creating them:

Pink Curls by Tim Hamilton

Location: Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

Pink Curls

Black coral crab by Edwin Kodiat

Location: Bunaken, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Black coral crab

Hello There by Joshua Nguyen

Location: Sabah, Malaysia

Hello There

Coming out of her shell by Nick Hobgood

Location: Liquica, East Timor, Indonesia

Coming out of her shell

Giant cuttle by Doug Anderson

Location: Clovelly, Sidney, NSW

Giant cuttle

Yellow Boxfish by Adrian Moody

Location: Redang, Malaysia

Yellow Boxfish

Cradle by Choh Wah Ye

Location: Perhentian Island, Malaysia


Shy Queen by Lazlo Ilyes

Location: Alice-in-Wonderland Reef, Bonaire

Shy Queen

Caribbean reef sharks by Alfonso Gonzalez

Location: Roatan, Honduras

Caribbean reef sharks

Turtle by Alfonso Gonzalez

Location: Cebu, Philippines


Stingray by Stephen Anthony

Location: Grand Cayman


Seahorse by Choh Wah Ye

Location: Perhentian Island, Malaysia


Sea Pen by Choh Wah Ye

Location: Perhentian Island, Malaysia

Sea Pen

Sea Nettle by Emory Kristof

Location: Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean

Sea Nettle

Moray Eel by Alfonso Gonzalez

Location: Aguilas, Murcia, Spain

Moray Eel

Bouquet by carfull53

Location: Mayaguana, Bahamas


nudibranch by Doug Anderson

Location: La Perouse, Sidney, NSW


LionFace by carfull53

Location: Mayaguana, Bahamas

Lion Face

Red Sea Octopus by Silke Baron

Location: Dhahab, Janub Sina, Egypt

Red Sea Octopus

spotted wobbegong by Doug Anderson

Location: Clovelly, Sidney, NSW

spotted wobbegong

I hope you enjoyed viewing these few examples of underwater photography

Please leave any comments you may have below.


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