Inspired by Design #17

Another round-up of outstanding digital art and design gathered from around the internet this week. Most of this collection is from and the majority are photo manipulations. I hope these examples give all Photoshop users some inspiration and ideas for their own work, but most of all, I hope you enjoy browsing these images and appreciate the outstanding artistic talent behind each one.

Inspired by Design #17

the last beauty by NoiZe-b

the last beauty

Following footprints by dilarosa

Following footprints

Untilty by random-victory


Color Assassin by animephoenix

Color Assassin

Synthesis Project by philipbrunner

Synthesis Project

Rogue Waves by hellsign

Rogue Waves

The End by Deadly-Wanderer

The End

gp – 01 by TIT0

gp - 01

Eve of destruction flyer by turk1672

Eve of destruction flyer

which way to your heart? by dannielle-lee

which way to your heart?

Life: Remade by syn91

Life: Remade

Out of Bounds by Toma Alin Gabriel

Out of Bounds

Nova Fall by Rozensieg

Nova Fall

Black Swan by pelleron

Black Swan

Bring Me To Life by shatteredself

Bring Me To Life

Lichtklang 2010 by Alexandra Brenner

Lichtklang 2010

Rock ‘n’ Roll by Dewoodesign

Rock 'n' Roll

Beyond This World by violscraper

Beyond This World

Hmm…autumn? by snailmeow


Black Steel Pegasus by Laura Racero

Black Steel Pegasus

Going to infinity by bloodzdsg

Going to infinity

My star, my fire, my bride by Tillsilence

My star, my fire, my bride

skull inspiration by amincreations

skull inspiration

Y.A.W by Sorin Bechira


Music by CynthiaPeterson


Science Lab Wallpaper by wdwparksgal

Science Lab Wallpaper

The end of memories by Clepsidras

The end of memories

Capricorn by wintersmagic


Blackout by G-fex


design is by Aycan Basar

design is

Just Imagine by SheWolf-26

Just Imagine

African Woman by Fotomonta

African Woman

Valley by Daniel Kvasznicza


And Finally…

Another motivational quote – always wise words, hopefully will bring a smile to your face and make you think just a little…


I hope you have enjoyed this showcase and found some inspiration from it.

If you would like to leave a comment or acknowledge any of the artists featured here, please do so below.


I am a purveyor of graphic design, photography and general inspiration on the internet. I spend lots of time browsing and try to bring the best of my finds so you don't have to search for inspiration.

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