Gradients – 4 Sets: Free Download

Here are 4 sets of gradients for Photoshop for free download: 30 blue gradients, 30 green gradients, 30 red gradients and 33 pastel gradients – I hope you enjoy them!


Each of these sets of gradients can be downloaded by clicking on the image and all files are .grd for Photoshop

Singing the Blues Gradients

Green Green Grass of Home Gradients

Red Red Wine Gradients

A Whiter Shade of Pale

All of the gradients have been created by me, and you are free to use them however, wherever and whenever you want, but please…. if you display them for download link back to this site – thank you.


I am a purveyor of graphic design, photography and general inspiration on the internet. I spend lots of time browsing and try to bring the best of my finds so you don't have to search for inspiration.

  • Su Hall

    Hi, there,

    I was just turned on to your site by some friends/associates and I am so glad. You have some awesome things to do and collect and read. I absolutely love your “Inspirations”! They definitely do inspire!

    These gradients are gorgeous! I thank you very much. I will most certainly become a regular. I subscribed to e-mail updates.


    • carol

      Thank you for your comments :)

  • roclafamilia

    Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

  • Su Harris

    Great site. Thanks for all the offers and for the regular e.mails.

  • sue

    many ta’s for sharing : )

  • Sherri

    Thanks so much for these, I will really enjoy using these!


  • Leanne

    Thanx so much :o)

  • Glenna

    Thank you very much I love these.

    Thank you to Professor Laurin-Donatelle from Arts Institute of Pittsburg-Online
    I would never be here on this page without her!!!

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  • George

    Thank you so much