Amazing Examples of Fake Tilt-Shift Photography

The idea of tilt-shift photography is to make an object or objects within a photograph look miniature and toy-like. Basically this is achieved by taking parts of the image out of focus and bringing the required parts into sharp focus with a shallow depth of field and bright colours.

Fake Tilt-Shift Photography

Naturally enough, this effect is achievable through Photoshop, and here I am showcasing some outstanding examples of fake tilt-shift photography. I have selected these examples on the basis that you could imagine a 3-year-old’s giant hand moving into the photo and picking up the object/objects in focus, or you could imagine standing next to it and the object reaching no higher than your ankle ie: the in-focus objects look like models/toys.

I also include a link to a tutorial for the execution of fake tilt-shift photography in Photoshop, and my own first attempt.

As you look at these images, try to imagine a child moving in and playing with the objects…. Many will make you smile as you do that.


Barcelona seaport


Real world in miniature

Frankfurter Kirche

Beamish Model

Model of Goathland Station


Tonka Toyland

Photoshop (Tilt-Shift Photography)

fake model quito 2

Bergen Backyards model

Tilt-Shift photography


Tilt Shift 2

Guanajuato Tilt-shift

Singapore National Day Parade

Dubai International Airport

Snowdon railway

Toy train

Big Ben

Here is my first effort at fake tilt-shift photography. The choice of photo is all important, and I tried about five images before I settled on this one – it is trial and error really.

I have used two methods, and I am showing the results of both – the first is more or less following the tutorial exactly, the second is a very different method that I experimented with:

Old Car

Tutorial for creating fake tilt-shift photography in Photoshop at

Here are some links to other showcases of tilt-shift photography if you would like to see more:

Tilt-Shift Photography – 80+ Beautiful Examples, Tutorials and More at

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Tilt/Shift Photography Links at

Why not have a go yourself… it isn’t too complicated and remember, the most important thing about achieving a good result is your choice of image. We can see from the examples above, trains, boats, cars and planes are good subjects, as are construction machinery and buildings and towns/villages. An army – not too close up – is a good subject. Often it is better if the picture is taken from some height – but not always necessary.

Share with us your results by adding the link in the comments below – we would love to see what you create!


I love using and learning Photoshop, and I also enjoy creating resources to share with the world. I am at my happiest when I have free time to further explore all that Photoshop has to offer and learn more about its powerful built-in tools. I hope people enjoy either using or learning from my free resources, and welcome any hints and tips - and of course, if you would like to offer a free resource on this site, please don't hesitate to contact me (top right of the page).


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