Inspired by Design #7

Another fantastic, inspiring collection of art rounded up from the internet during the last week. Another thanks extended to the artists and designers who allow us to share their amazing work. And don’t forget to get your weekly dose of motivation with the quotation at the end of the post!

Inspired by Design #7

Signal by Steve Goodin (3 images)

Signal 1

Signal 2

Signal 3

Milky by Pete Harrison


Ego by Willian Schilling


Medusa by Clint Tabone


Poreotics by ~RighteousYouth


Lava flow by ~funkwood


let the love 2 by ~3squaredesign

let the love 2

Hunter’s Moon by *Lemmy-X

Hunter's Moon

Blue Dreams by *EvenDeathLies

Blue Dreams

Style Chrome by ~Toukichiro-Reborn

Style Chrome

typography bintek by bintek

typography bintek

Omega Code Fan Art Poster 02 by —stress—origami samurai!

Omega Code Fan Art Poster 02

Poster BOMB THE SHOP by bombtheshop


Make A Wish by Kevin Roodhorst

Make a Wish

BBC Focus Magazine by Tomas Muller

BBC Focus Magazine

RETRO Wallpaper by ~WillibOy41

Retro Wallpaper

.the end? By ~0OgieB0Ogie

the end?

make the world stop spining by ~Cracel-san

make the world stop spining

The Viewing Platform by =StoneE606

The Viewing Platform

Spirits In The Wind by *welshdragon

Spirits In The Wind

Nights Only by *live2b

Nights Only

Neon Disco by  David de Juan Navarro

Neon Disco

FM by LazyAnt


Light House by Dydier Escobar

Light House

Rambit by ~Demonflame


ALPHA by *GrassStar


And Finally..

Your inspirational and motivational quote for the week:


If you have any comments or acknowledgements regarding any of the images listed in this post, please feel free to leave a comment – furthermore, if an acknowledgement is left for the artist, I will personally make sure it gets to the person concerned 🙂


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