In Focus – Showcase of a Designer

This is a new weekly feature where I will be showcasing the art and/or design of some great talents from around the internet.

For this first offering, I bring you the amazing, inspirational art of DesignerKratos aka Kratos Saif.

In Focus

Kratos is a 19-year-old digital artist and photo manipulator with outstanding skill, talent and imagination.

He was born in Iraq and now lives in Syria, and he works for a games company designing covers, etc.

To produce these fantastic images, Kratos uses Photoshop CS3, Autocad and 3D Max. He started to learn Photoshop at age 12, and began using Autocad and 3D Max at age 14.

He is a member of both and – where he currently ranks 16th of 17,000 members. He has achieved 33 wins, 398 top 3 placements and 155 jury picks – all of which simply adds up to the fact that he is a master of his craft!

The first image is of the man himself, this is Kratos:

Designer Kratos

Now enjoy looking at the work of Kratos – and make sure to visit his gallery both at and

Iranian Robot

Iranian Robot by designerkratos

Another Worlds

Another Worlds by designerkratos

God of War IV

God Of War IV by designerkratos

Kratos the Dragon

Kratos the Dragon by designerkratos


Iron-Hood by designerkratos

I Hate School

I Hate School by designerkratos

Arnold Saved his World

Arnold Saved his World by designerkratos


RoboGolf by designerkratos

Music Island

Music Island by designerkratos

Freezy Hulk

Freezy Hulk by designerkratos

New Santa Claus

New Santa Claus by designerkratos

Milking Robot

Milking Robot by designerkratos

The Great Melting

The Great Melting by designerkratos

Come To Our World Baby

Come To Our World Baby by designerkratos

Knight of Water

Knight of Water by designerkratos

King of Fire

King of Fire by designerkratos

Dirt Monster

Dirt Monster by designerkratos

Last War Movie

Last War Movie by designerkratos

Magical man

Magical man by designerkratos


terminBacker by designerkratos

You can view more work by Kratos at both of his galleries: *designerkratos on and DesignerKratos on

You can also follow DesignerKratos on Twitter

I would like to thank Kratos for his consent to showcase his work in this feature, and hope you have enjoyed viewing his work as much as I have.

Please leave any acknowledgements you may have on the work of Kratos in the comments below.


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