Inspired by Design #4

Another in the weekly series of inspirational art and design. The designs in this collection inspired me, I hope you enjoy them too.

Inspired by Design #4

Anno 2010 by =silocult

Anno 2010

From away by *hearthy

From Away

PSD Mag Cover by Aiven-Yvan Feusi

PSD Mag Cover

Too Late to Turn Away – SPILT MILK by Like Minded Studio

Too Late to turn Away

Word Balloon by ~daphnechan12

Word Balloon

Traveller V by ~Lajos-Toth

Traveller V

Zen Series by Strato Agianoglou

Zen Series

Angel by ~lian-blackdream


3Deez by ~ThatKidDavid

3 Deez

EyeMon by ~photoshop-addict28


Giving a Helping Hand by rubyblossom

Giving a Helping Hand

Peace on Earth by Diana Thorold

Peace on Earth

Straight to the Top by Kevin Roodhorst

Straight to the Top

Great Shapes Marathon II by =JackieW

Great Shapes Marathon II

Globalvillage by davidbiase


Network by clix


Digital Dreams by flaivoloka

Digital Dreams

D by ~Virus69


Timekeeper by =BarkingMadRon


Welcome to Heaven by ~exendor

Welcome to Heaven

Typografy by ~herdysupertramp


We Love Mixing by Tomasz Wysocki

We Love Mixing

If the tree falls, we all fall by David Garcia

If the tree falls, we all fall

Sometimes by ~golfis


And Finally…

As is becoming my habit at the end of these weekly round-ups, here is your inspirational quote for this week.


I hope you have been inspired, motivated and satisfied for another week. Please don’t forget to leave comments on the author’s profile if you appreciate their work.


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