Inspired by Design #1

Inspired by Design #1Every week I will be showcasing a selection of designs that I have come across that have inspired me. There are such talented artists and photo manipulators around the globe, and it is our good fortune that they are prepared to share their work with us.

If you have any work you would like displayed in this feature in the coming weeks, please do not hesitate to contact me at the link above.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the following examples of great art and design. Please remember to add a comment of acknowledgement on those sites that encourage it.

Ready for Summer by ~robmmad16

Ready For Summer

Human Nature by ~Linzee777

Human Nature

Ungrounded by ~adens50


Project Angel 3D by ~leonbaisden

Project Angel

Chili by ~CarrotLucky13


3d Graffiti by Graffiti Technica

3D Graffiti

Mini Giant Squid by abstrak 05

Mini Giant Squid

Franz Steiner

Franz Steiner

Tutom Logo Design

Tutom Logo Design

Milk Theory by vahid.asefi

Milk Theory

Tron by drfranken


Fix You by irvingling

Fix You

Hell YEAH by kito11

Hell Yeah

From the Portfolio of Ralph Karam Graphic Design

Ralph Karam

76y by ~zozoSait


Aerial by Fernando Forero


Disc Citrus by ~nonnett

Disc Citrus

Facing the Future by ~advertigo

Facing the Future

Shockwave by ~asadshirazi


The Art of James Paick

James Paick

And finally….

Here is an inspirational quote to make you think!


I hope you enjoyed this first selection of inspirational art and design, please be sure to check back for next week’s offering.


I am a purveyor of graphic design, photography and general inspiration on the internet. I spend lots of time browsing and try to bring the best of my finds so you don't have to search for inspiration.

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    great selection!
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