Fantasy Gradients for Photoshop

This set of 20 gradients for Photoshop has been designed for colouring background/landscape images. Using a gradient adjustment layer and overlay, soft light or multiply blending modes at different opacities will give some pleasing results.

Fantasy Gradients for Photoshop

10 Precious Metal & Gem Related Styles for Photoshop

This is a set of 10 precious metal and gem related styles for Photoshop. When using these styles on text, they work better if each line of text has the style applied separately.

Precious Styles

4 Dreamy PSD Coloring Files – Free Download

Here is a set of 4 dreamy PSD coloring files, mainly designed to be used with portraits – however, they will work with landscapes and seascapes also. All adjustment layers are available for tweaking according to the image you are working with and your own preferences.

4 Dreamy PSD Coloring Files

Valentine Clipart – Free Download

Here is a last-minute set of Valentine clipart. Files are in png format, and all images have been taken from a very old software programme I found buried in a pile of disks.

Valentine Clipart

Free Download – Pixel Patterns for Photoshop

Here is a set of 10 pixel patterns for Photoshop. A few will give a normal looking transparency over an image, the majority are something a bit different – but all work well as transparencies for images.

Pixel Patterns for Photoshop

5 Vintage-Style Badges – Free PNG Download

A set of 5 vintage-style badges – left blank for you to fill in your own text, change the colour, add or erase parts, etc. All badges are approximately 1000px at 300ppi and are provided in png format.

5 Free Vintage Badges

3 Free Gradient Sets for Photoshop

Gradients can make a huge change to an image, they are flexible, amendable and generally useful. Here I am offering 3 gradients sets – Dreamy Gradients, Sky Gradients and Sunrise Gradients. The images below show the gradients included and some examples of their use. I hope you can use them!

3 Free Gradient Sets

Free Download: 6 Black & White Actions for Photoshop

Here is a set of 6 Actions for Photoshop to give different black and white effects to portrait photographs. The actions also work on other subjects as shown in the images below. Each action leaves the adjustment layers available to be tweaked if necessary.

Black & White Actions