6 Pastel Backgrounds/Textures

A set of 6 pastel backgrounds/textures in .jpg format.

Pastel Backgrounds

18 Random Gradients for Photoshop – Free Download

Here is a set of 18 random gradients – by that, I mean there is no particular theme. As I have given them the title of ‘random gradients’, I have given them all pretty random names also. These gradients are designed to enhance photos, and the images below are just a few examples.

18 Random Gradients for Photoshop – Free Download

8 Intricate Pixel Patterns for Photoshop

Having created a set of quite simple pixel patterns, I decided to make another set of much more intricate patterns. There are 8 patterns in the set, all of which are on transparent backgrounds. In .pat format.

8 Intricate Pixel Patterns

20 Dark Gradients for Photoshop

This set of 20 dark gradients can make a great difference to your photographs. By using Overlay or Soft Light, you can darken images, and by using Subtract or Difference, you can lighten and brighten them. Take a look at the examples below to see how they work.

20 Dark Gradients for Photoshop

10 Geometric Patterns – Free Download

A set of 10 geometric patterns, some are coloured, some are monochrome – which are transparent. The zip file includes the .pat set for Photoshop and tileable .png images as well.

Geometric Patterns

Vintage Text Backgrounds – Charles Dickens

Here is a set of vintage text backgrounds, each text has two copies, one is not worn and weathered, the other is. They are hi-res, and the images below show them very reduced in size with an inset at 50%. Hope you can use them!

8 Text Backgrounds

Fantasy Gradients for Photoshop

This set of 20 gradients for Photoshop has been designed for colouring background/landscape images. Using a gradient adjustment layer and overlay, soft light or multiply blending modes at different opacities will give some pleasing results.

Fantasy Gradients for Photoshop

10 Precious Metal & Gem Related Styles for Photoshop

This is a set of 10 precious metal and gem related styles for Photoshop. When using these styles on text, they work better if each line of text has the style applied separately.

Precious Styles